What mental illness makes you think you have telepathy?

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What’s wrong with a person who thinks they *feel* what others feel, believe that they *hear* what’s in other people mind, thinks they can intuit *intentions* via mind reading, thinks they have special powers or are under a spell — and make up things like “I’m allergic to sunlight” and “can drain others of emotions”? The person truly believes they have a gift and uncanny powers. Supposedly, mental health professionals can’t find anything wrong. Thoughts?

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That’s not necessarily a mental illness. It can indicate schizophrenia if someone thinks, for example, that other people can read their thoughts. But believing in telepathy is not a mental illness. Sounds like you’re being a bit judgmental 🙂


well, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (usually when manic) could make a person believe that, but if the person doesn’t have other symptoms, then it is just what they think. People can believe funny things and not be mentally ill. If it isn’t seriously interfering with this person’s life, it isn’t a mental illness. You know, 10% of americans think the moon landing was faked. People can believe strange things.


Either schizophrenia or bipolar (manic) the hearing things is more schizophrenia but the “special powers” would be more like manic bipolar

Silver Moon

Schizophrenia or another similar illness.


could be schizophrenia or schizotypal personality disorder, which is characterized by magical thinking.


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