what medical science discipline would be best suited for someone who wants to conduct research on meditation?

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I meditate and pray very often throughout the day. It is fascinating to me the changes the human body and mind undergo after these processes. I am planning to get a medical degree, however, i dont know what discipline would be best for my future career researching meditation and prayer and their physiological effects on the human body.

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I believe that meditation is considered to be “alternative medicine”, so it is not directly related to any current disciplines.
If I were you, I would become a primary care M.D. or D.O., and then take additional specialized training at places such as the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard University.
I think you will find the source link I posted below as interesting reading.


Hello Rick,
Very interesting.
I have known physicians from many different disciplines interested in and working with meditation. You might want to consider neuro sciences, psychiatry or even internal medicine. I trained with a wonderful Oncologist who went on to use some of my meditation tapes in his practice helping cancer patients heal using guided meditation.
Best wishes,


Some sort of specialty in neuroscience. For example, neurology or neuroplasty. Could also consider medical psychology.


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