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What means so called "second death"? It has something to do with some death in astral(emotional) plane?


  1. When YAHOSHUA comes the next time the righteous will live, and those righteous dead will be raised. A thousand years later the wicked will be raised. After a time they will attack the New Jerusalem, and be destroyed by fire coming down out of heaven. (That is the “second death”) after that YHVH will make all things new, and this earth will once more be very good, and be inhabited. This “second death” is what some call “hell” , but many people have very strange ideas about it! (ideas which contradict scripture!)

  2. I understand it as dying of this false ego. OR false identification with this body and mind and other illusions. So then it is actually a second Birth.

  3. From the teaching of Vedic scriptures there is nothing called death as such. So the phrase “second death” does not make any sense.
    But I would like to know what it is.
    Scriptures dictates that we are spirit souls and we take the form of a living entity to enjoy this dull material world. When spirit soul come in contact with the matter in order to exploit the nature it requires a body.
    The soul leaves one body and picks up another, just like the air carries aroma from one place to another place, similarly the soul is eternally conditioned in such a way and moves one body to another.
    The soul is eternal and it never dies.
    When a person surrenders himself/herself to a spiritual master and takes formal oath to follow the orders of the spiritual master , it is called a “second birth”.

  4. The phrase “second death” comes from the book of Revelation where it refers to the final death in hell. When we die here on Earth — both body and soul — it is called the first death. But there is going to be a resurrection where all of the lost who lived all through out Earth’s history will be resurrected. This resurrection will be for the judgment, so all the lost will understand why they are not saved. After this, the lost will be thrown into hell, in which they will die the second death, the final death for which there is no resurrection. See Rev. 20:6,14; 21:8.
    However, they will not burn forever in hell. The fire will eventually go out once everything is burnt up. The Bible is very clear on this.
    If you want a real thriller, I recommend watching the amazing movie called “Final Events” which dramatically captures the judgment and other final events of Earth’s history. You won’t regret it.
    Is the devil in charge of hell?
    Everything you ever wanted to know about hell.


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