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What material are most meditation mats made of?

There was a guy on here the other day asking what kind of fur his meditation mat should be made of. This surprised me because I had no idea that meditation mats were made of fur. Is this usual?


  1. A luxury fur mat defeats the purpose of meditation, that is, to contemplate deep issues rather than superficial or materialistic matters.
    If sitting on the floor is uncomfortable, try one of those basic yoga/foam mats.

  2. If you really want to reach a higher plane of existence, you should use a mat made solely from the hair of third world children.

  3. Most of the ancient Hindu meditators including ‘Shiva, considered as the pioneer of the meditation’ used to sit over the fur side of the dried skin of a dead deer or the tiger while meditating.
    Though I am not sure about the exact reason, but I think, such materials act like insulators and help to preserve the meditative energy of the practitioner.
    I have never used this type of material for meditation, so I think, what counts most is the will to meditate.

  4. i think it depends on what religion and what religious sect and which religious sect member of a religion you are talking to. Prayer and meditation mats are made out of many things.


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