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What Martial Arts Style should I study?

I want to study Shaolin Kung Fu. But the place I’m looking at is going to be changing their curriculum to: Xingyi, Bagua, Tai Chi and QiGong. Which one should I take if I want something similar?


  1. I have never heard of Xingyi or Bagua before, but after looking them up, I would have to say either of those two. (probably Xingyi). Tai Chi and QiGong are mostly ‘internal’ martial arts, and would not have the ‘external’ body use you would get from shaolin.

  2. All the arts you mention are what are recognised as being ‘soft’ arts. Xingyi (HSing I), Bagua (Pa Kua) and Tai Chi are seen as martial arts (although these days, Tai Chi less so). The reason they are classed as ‘soft’ is because they do not emphasise muscle power or strength. They use more fluid movements and concentrate on the development of ‘inner power’. This means that they take longer to learn and become proficient with but they still work well if they are taught by a proficient instructor. In terms of fighting, Ba Gua and Xing Yi are probably the most effective and they are beautiful arts to watch. Tai Chi is a great form of exercise and has an amazing history as a fighting system but few people teach it that way. Qi Gong (Chi Gung) is a set of breathing/meditation exercises designed to strengthen the body and build chi (inner power) for health or healing. It isn’t a martial art.
    None of these are particularly like Shaolin kung fu. So if you have your heart set on a dynamic hard martial art (like Shaolin) then you need to look elsewhere.

  3. I think you need to do more homework on the style you want to study. You have listed styles that are anything but Shaolin style. Use the web to see what else is available in your area.


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