What makes Wicca such a good influence on the world?

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i recently did a religion project on the Wiccan faith. and was suprised at how positive it really is.. but now i need to write about how wicca influences the world to become a better place?
Thanks 😀

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Classical Liberal Jochan

What influence?

Shub Niggurath

I wouldn’t say it influences it any more than any other pagan/neo-pagan religion.
Although, it is simply a religion of nature based on doing what you believe is right. In some ways, this could help others see that acting unnaturally/immorally is destructive.

Think Outside the Ballot Box

I suppose I like it better than any other major “religion”
but I must say (without any hurtful intent) that it’s not
so much a religion as it is a way for people to label
themselves a “witch” and play pretend and be goth
ten years longer than what is normally acceptable.
I’m sorry. It’s true.
Neopaganism is cool and I encourage it.
But if you’re spouting “blessed be” you’re probably faking it.


It’s because Wiccans believe in Karma, so they try to do good things for others so that they will get good things either later in Life or in some of their next Lives. Even though most know that some of the bad things they’ve done in the past will come back to haunt them, they still try to do good to balance things out. This includes sending energy to someone to help heal that person…. doing spells that will get what they want without harming others along the way… I hope you get my point.


Why do you think it is?Its just more irrational crap.
The only benefit I see is keeping teenage girls off the street at night.

Jennifer O

I don’t know how much of an influence wicca really has on society or the world in general but they do teach many principles that contribute to general well being. Do as you wish but harm none is a major aspect of wiccan belief and that is definitely good. Wicca is also good in that it respects nature and seeks to preserve it. If only those two things would catch on…


It’s not just Wicca, but a lot of other faiths as well. Personally (without any offence to others), I believe to those who walk the Wiccan path, it makes one feel more connected to the Earth and a bit more aware than others as far as what we are doing to this planet and what we can do to counteract it. If that made any sense.


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