What makes the earth spinning around the sun?

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What makes the moon orbit the earth; what makes the earth orbit the sun; what makes our galaxy rotate? I guess my question is, what makes “bodies” in the space rotate, and where does it get that kind of energy?
PS: Any branch of science can be used to answer if possible; however, physics answer is much more welcoming.

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It’s just like someone has kicked you in your *** sideways, giving you an initial spin. Now, if you were in a space at that moment, there’s no friction or any other opposing force to stop you from spinning ! At the beginning everything went BANG and the thrust had to have some direction and an initial force. As the initial force must have been tremendous, we’re still spinning and rotating and spreading outwards or so they say…




Moon orbits around the Earth is due to Earth’s gravity.
Earth orbits around the Sun is due to Sun’s gravity.
Galaxy orbits around the centre of the galaxy is due to gravitational pull exerted by the densely packed stars in the centre of our galaxy (Milky Way).
The Gravitational force is created usually in the centre of a body where the heat is extremely high.

Elizabeth H

Gravity is what makes the moon orbit the earth, and is also what causes the planets of our solar system, along with all of their moons, to orbit the sun. It is basically what holds our whole universe together. According to Isaac Newton, gravitation is a type of force. In physics, force is simply a measure of push or pull. The greater the push or the pull, the greater the force.
Gravity is an attractive force that affects everything in the universe. In other words, gravitation is the force that pulls all things towards each other. You can see gravitation acting in our solar system, for example through the Moon’s circling of Earth. This is because the Earth and the Moon are pulling towards each other. Even you and the computer monitor that you are looking at are pulling towards each other, but since both you and the monitor have very small masses (meaning that you both are very light) you cannot really feel the force between you. However, you can definitely feel the Earth pulling on you; this is because the Earth is so massive.


A force called centripetal force (force that makes an object to follow a circular path) makes the earth spin around the Sun.In this case,centripetal force is provided by gravitational attraction.

Roger S

In astronomy, Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion are:
The orbit of every planet is an ellipse with the sun at a focus.
A line joining a planet and the sun sweeps out equal areas during equal intervals of time.
The square of the orbital period of a planet is directly proportional to the cube of the semi-major axis of its orbit.
These three mathematical laws were discovered by German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571—1630), and used by him to describe the motion of planets in the Solar System.
They describe the motion of any two bodies orbiting each other.


Repulsion and attraction. While magnetic attraction towards the mother-planet remains self-repulsion detaches it. Thus two powers are acting together which keep them the distance.
The Universe is made of five matters – sky, temperature, air, water and earth (unlimited imagination is sky, frictions and temperature thereof is 2nd, air is 3rd (gas), water (liquid) and earth as solid.

Terry R

A better question is “What caused the earth to start spinning around the sun?” That can be traced back to when the solar system was formed. Globs of matter were revolving around the center point(sun-to-be). But instead of joining with that center, they formed huge spheres known as the planets. To this day, planets have been “falling” toward the sun only to countered by their straight line motion. Thanks to this standoff between gravity and inertia, we have planetary orbits.
As rotation goes, the planets spin on their axis’ to obey the law of the conservation of angular momentum.
The bottom line here is that nothing in this universe travels in a straight line. There is always some curving circular motion to everything.

Jacek P

The official scientific answer is: Earth is revolving around the Sun because of force of gravity. However, if you think about it, this is just tautology. How do we know that there is a force of gravity between Earth and the Sun? – because Earth rotates around the Sun.
The truth is we have no idea what makes the Earth move around the Sun. We can only describe this motion, and our current model is probably inaccurate.


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