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What makes some people give off a bad vibe, without really saying or doing anything, simply by their presence?

Some people’s mere presence seems to be surrounded by an aura of negativity. I can’t see it, I simply feel it. What causes the bad vibe that you may feel from other people?


  1. Your instincts are what allows you to feel these vibes. People always forget that we have natural instincts. Some people are not meant to be in our lives, or are meant to…but will only bring badness along with them so we still know they are bad news. Whenever I meet someone who gives me that kind of vibe, I don’t bother with them…I have no intentions of befriending someone who right from the get-go makes me feel poorly.
    It could always also be just that they are giving up a ton of negative energy, because they are in such a horrible mood…that’s how people you know, who you love and care for and know are good people, can sometimes give you a bad vibe…it’s their energy.

  2. I don’t know. This is a weak area for me, I think. I tend to go more on what a person does – how they act – how they speak – how they dress – etc. Maybe I just haven’t met people where I get that bad vibe right away or it hasn’t happened often for me to make the connection. I have met people that didn’t seem right – but didn’t have a lot of interaction with them – very short meeting – not really enough time to get a strong reaction.
    I think you should go with your gut. That’s what I try to do.

  3. My Vibes are crazy I get like really strong vibes from the moon (when its full moon) I get like hyper and I have a lot of enegry and sometimes I just wanna run around the house screaming but that dose have to do with scream ANYWAY I get like vibes when I talk to plp about something important sometimes after they finish talking bout it I still can tell that their thinking bout it and sometimes when I see plp at my school and are loud and hyper and getting in trouble I get like vibes liike u know they are bad plp and they don’t know how to listen teachers and sit down and I get this really werid thing like when I hug people I can feel how they are feeling and its like cool it feels like their soul r emotions just ran threw my body and was like HELLO I feel sad!!! Help me out and I just talk to my friends who ever fee

  4. If it feels bad, it is bad! Listen to your heart. Your questioning/feeling something for a reason.
    thought: how can someone that’s good for you give you a bad feeling? Something must be wrong. Ask them what’s wrong and if they can give you a logical answer, then it’s a bad day. If they get defensive or angry…THEY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED! RUN RUN RUN. your unraveling there plot and they are pissed!!

  5. Nearly all Italians give me bad vibes and I’ve found nothing good about Italians or their culture. It’s a warning for me to stay away

  6. I feel some people are so insecure with you, that they have to get validation by you, in what expensive, things they by or what trips , they’ve taken, like a narcissist all about them…this mean they have something you have that they lack & Envy


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