Home Discussion Forum What makes people who do Tai Chi turn to killer moves?

What makes people who do Tai Chi turn to killer moves?

I did Tai Chi and I felt very relaxed afterwards albeit a bit silly.
Thankyou for your enlightenment I can’t remembe r what you said, but thanks all the same.
I know most of this stuff already I have done karate and I know how to hurt peoples mind too.


  1. The truth about Tai Chi is really the Chi. Chi is energy that is both in us, and around us, we are simply born unaware of it. From your question I was a bit startled, but then again, I have a different viewpoint on Martial Arts.
    You said you wanted to do killer moves. To answer your question first, you have to wait and learn to build your chi stronger until you can learn to unleash it. Tai Chi works on the inner stengths, so if you want something more physical, try Karate or J.K.D. or Aikido or Kung Fu. They will teach you about Chi, but you will work on defensive movements more.
    If you keep working at it, you will eventually become aware of your Chi and be able to feel it and use little of your physical energy to knock an opponant flying. My father, who studied Chi Gung, the building of Chi, has not had much experience, but learned how to release his Chi, and can now extinguish a candle with a single punch.
    Below, I have shown some videos of real Tai Chi demos by the masters.
    But I would hope that you keep in mind that Tai Chi and Chi Gung is a way to stay healthy, fit, calm, but it is a form of self defense. There are two quotes that I live by, one by Bruce Lee, which doe not apply here, and one that does. I mean no offense to you or your choices, but as a Martial Artist, I feel that I should make sure just in case.
    “Avoid rather than check.
    Check rather than hurt.
    Hurt rather than maim.
    Maim rather than kill.
    For all life is precious,
    nor can any be replaced.”
    “Killer moves” will come to you if you simply have faith in your instructor and your style, as well as yourself. Simply focus, and you will learn what you want.

  2. Tai Chi is mostly about internal massage and oxygenating the blood stream. This make you feel energized and ready to Kick but if need be.

  3. Tai Chi is a very deadly art.
    Aside from the Qi, there is also the Poison Hand, which are the pressure point, cavity and nerve strike techniques the movements involve.
    That is not taught to westerners… THANK GOD!
    There are some teachers in the US that know this but they would only teach the worthy.
    This is real. Incidently, that English Man knows his stuff.

  4. What makes people who do tai chi resort to using killer moves? Well that’s simple, the desire to kill – Or just hurt really badly.
    Make no mistakes, tai chi is a fighting style and fighting styles are made to fight with. Internal or external, all those ideas of spirituality, inner peace, discipline and stuff like “Learning to fight so you wont have to.” are secondary and a lot of it became attached later. Martial arts are made for the purpose of fighting and fighting is done to hurt.
    You may be surprised to learn that the chinese emperor’s elite body guards trained in tai chi. The purpose of these soldiers was to kill any who would dare to attack the emperor.
    Never forget that what you’re doing when you train in any martial art is learning to fight and learning a way that has been proven as effective.
    People who fight with ineffective styles die and their styles go with them.

  5. Tai chi is basically kung fu at half speed. Do the moves at full speed with some minor modifications, and they can be very effective.


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