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What makes people think pagan belief systems are witchcraft?

i’m just curious how like some would call a person who practices shamanism, wicca, native american spirituality, egyptian kemeticism,
voodoo, santeria, greek paganism, aztec paganism, incan paganism, etc- witchcraft-
i am part native american, part black american, and part white american- and i refuse to believe my pagan ancestors (because we all have had pagan ancestors) went to hell…
i also don’t believe my pagan belief system in native american spirituality is bad- but then again that’s just me-
i really don’t see what was so wrong with native american spirituality and african spirituality? to the point they were converted- lost most of their culture/traditions- and were slaughtered- raped- a complete genocide!


  1. I like to think of paganism as more of a craft of beliefs as a way of seperating it from the rest of religions.
    It’s not evil.
    Other religions have a hard time accepting those that belive there is something other than what they believe. I suppose that’s just the way it is.

  2. What is your interpretation of hell? There are some misunderstandings of what hell is. For example, if you died and came to the realization that you had made a lot of mistakes in your past life and had a deep regret and fear for eternity because you couldn’t relieve that regret, or guilt, or fear, might you consider that hell?
    I can’t tell you what people believe, but I can tell you what Christians believe. Christians believe that there is only one Truth. That Truth is made up of a true set of principles that govern the universe. Any principle that is taught to harm, misguide, deceive, or hinder the spiritual progress of a soul is an evil principle. It is evil because if it were true it would be good and if it is not true that it is bad.
    Whether we want to title pagan beliefs as witchcraft seems like a personal preference. In reality, there are many true principles taught among all of the world’s religions. However, if it is man-made or inspired by evil, it cannot be a true religion, even if it does contain SOME elements of truth. The simple fact that this difference exists does not imply that physical harm or animosity need be created.

  3. Paganism does cover a wide variety of beliefs! It includes the Greek, Egyptian, Roman etc religions. Most pagan religions had nothing to do with witchcraft. Many things that people now think of as witchcraft were just day to day things that all cultures included. The use of herbs, midwifery, and medicine were never termed “witchcraft”. Even in the Bible there is mention of the use of mandrakes to encourage pregnancy and the birth of a male. People now would call that “witchcraft” but it wasn’t always so.

  4. Got me. We don’t even practice magic much. I have seen more “magic” at a Catholic Mass then I have a Heathen Blot.

  5. I would have to say that it is the way that many of the pagans, especially the New Ager types present themselves.
    As a Norse Heathen I get that “oh, you do witchcraft” comment from many, but when I ask them why they would think that, more than three quarters tell me something like, “so and so’s niece is into that stuff and her niece told me all about it”.

  6. That is because we have absolutely lost the difference between mysticism and magic in the modern period. The Judea-Christian and to a certain extent Buddhism were unable to tell apart the difference between Mysticism and Magic and as a result turned most Pagan cultures into witch cultures when they weren’t.
    What many NeoPagans do not realize is that witches in Pagan cultures were just as frowned upon as they are in modern cultures. Oh yes, the Athenians had rules against Witchcraft, the Pagan Romans had extensive rules against witchcraft, the Chinese who are not Christians until the last two centuries had rules against Witchcraft in the Ming Dynasty. The list goes on.
    What they do not have are rules against mysticism ( though some cases there are rules against mysticism as well ).
    We must differentiate what is Mystical and what is Magical before we can even begin to say what is a witch,
    First thing we must go back to the premise of the Gods. The Gods are greater beings than us who rules the world and the world moves to the beat of the Gods. Therefore it is only right that humans move in time with the beat of the Gods. The ancients realized this concept.
    Mysticism is when one appeals to the Gods to get things done or one seek to commune with the spirits or the Gods with the hope that things can be done. Examples of mysticism are therefore shamanism ( where one communicates with the spirits or with the Gods ) or prayers ( where one pray to the Gods to ask for help ) or when one ask for information from the Gods ( like divination and oracles ).
    In Mysticism the person submits to the Gods or the spirits for a reply. Even the raindancers do not tell you they command the rain to come, merely that they are appealing in a manner known to be most pleasing to the Gods that they are more likely to send the rain. Whether they send the rain to come or not is another issue.
    Witchcraft on the other hand is when one thinks and presume that one has the ability to coerce, to make, to force the spirits or the Gods to do things for you. The modern concept of “bend the energies to make things happen” or “I summoned the rain to come” or “I will and the Universe will do it.” is magic. It is pure hubris. It is presuming that we as humans have the ability to force the Universe and the Gods to do things.
    This is what the ancients called witchcraft .. the punishable offense. The ancients believe that witches brought badness with them because they were at every step defying the natural order, the Divine order ( the only witch that had a good fate in Greek classics in fact was Medea but that was because she was quasi-divine ).
    So very great difference .. the ancient cultures were mystical .. not witchcraft.

  7. The same people who slaughtered, raped and murdered
    our ancestors are the ones spreading the lies about us…
    if they can keep people thinking we were evil, and we
    deserved to die, then nobody will realize who the evil
    ones really are… them.

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