Home Discussion Forum What makes people so certain that their consciousness?

What makes people so certain that their consciousness?

even exists in what they know as the physical world around them?


  1. Because the physical world is a world of duality. So is consciousness. In order for you to be conscious, there must be something for you to be conscious of.
    With God, there is only One.

  2. It doesnt exist in a physical world lol.
    Just like gods, it is in your head. But apparently some people keep getting it mixed up with the “soul”

  3. If you hold that your consciousness (your memories, personality, etc.) — that which makes you a sentient being — is a form of “energy” — your life force (soul or spirit if you like), then it exists in our physical reality just as other forms of energy exist such as heat, light, etc.
    Have you ever seen anyone die? It does seem like a “light” turns off. It is quite different when an animal dies. Perhaps that’s just a matter of perception.
    but anyway,
    Einstein proved that energy cannot be destroyed, or created, it only changes form. So perhaps our consciousness continues somehow in a different form? Or perhaps it “returns” to its source. God perhaps?


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