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What makes magick "sinful" in Christianity?

I don’t practice myself, but have been reading about it lately and have been trying to understand. It seems there can be negatives intentions when using magick, but there can also be positive intentions- this seems to be the case most of the time. Still, Christians in general view this as “of the devil”.
I am not Christian, but I know that magick is taught to be sinful in Christianity- what about it makes it so?


  1. Serious answer: It’s not from God. It’s man-made superstition, and God doesn’t want you buying into that stuff. It opens doors for Satan. But don’t go all overboard with it, you know…like, don’t NOT have Binky the Magical Clown over for your kids birthday party just because of that 😉

  2. There is a difference between “optical illusions” and so called “magic” is that optical illusions have logical explanations. and magic is supposed to be a power. and as a christian i believe there is no other power except for God himself.

  3. God wants you to trust Him in your life. If you turn to magick then you are trying to control your life, thinking you know better than God does.

  4. I think it’s because if you believe in/practice magick it shows that you believe in a higher power other than their “God”. And also because for whatever reason magick is associated with the occult which is associated with the “devil.”

  5. I am not religious but I am currently studying religion. Anyway people view practicing magick is bad because they believe that magick was granted from summoning spirits or devils to do you bidding.

  6. A lot of Christians are going to say it’s sinful or serving Satan or something like that, but basically I think it’s because it’s simply a way of inviting spiritual influences other than the ones God has in mind for us. He is willing to provide us everything we really need spiritually, and he has prayer for our communications with him.

  7. The Magi…opposed to God..aligning with Demons…channeling spirits..The Witch of Endor..Divining the future..fortun telling…wicca..earth worship.. etc..etc..it’s all pretty much lumped together…
    if it aint from God, it’s from the Devil.

  8. The only people I know of that say New Age and Pagan beliefs are of the devil is Hollywood and The New Agers themselves.
    I remember when I first met Christ. I had previously identified myself as everything from a Satanist to Atheist to Wiccan , Pagan, Shaman blah blah blah. So I figured I might help the Christians better understand them.
    I really hate to break it to the new age and Atheist community but most Christians don’t really think about you to much. You will see them come on here and answer a few questions and when some rancid little troll sends them a flaming e-mail telling them that GOD does not exist and they want to spend many hours proving this through lop sided debate excluding the Bible, the Christin simply giggles and wanders off on their merry way arm and arm with Christ.
    The New Age movement calls itself many things.Magic, Magik, Pagan, Celtic, Norse, Whatever… It is worldly and not of GOD. It is seen as a false modern religion. Nothing more.
    Many many more Christians are very concerned about groups that call themselves Christians who do not follow Jesus or the Bible. We are also way more worried about the thieves of the TV evangelical world.

  9. Magick is about controlling your own destiny using the 4 elements of earth, air, water and fire as well as your will, and Christians believe that we should leave it all to god and therefore sinful to try to be in charge of your life. I’m an atheist and I’ve studied both and although I don’t really believe in magick, I prefer it to christianity.

  10. I believe that Jesus himself was a white magician with the powers he had to calm storms, heal sick people, rise up from the dead, walk through walls and on water etc.
    The Bible’s original translation “thou shalt not allow a witch to live” is actually translated as ‘poisoner’. It is against the use of supernatural powers to harm, kill, or hurt people.

  11. “As I will, so mote it be” Is usually at the end of a magickal phrase.
    In Christianity, you’re not supposed to do your will but let God work His will in your life.


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