What makes human do things unintentionally?





We should take full responsibility to our moral conscience of our deed as a personal identity. Is this negligence in lack of skills and self control or our consciousness seems to be missing during that period of time. Are we vulnerable to lose it at any moment of time? We aimed but missed, is this only a possibility of chance?


  1. Peace
    Someone said to err its human right.. So if someone rapes , murders etc.. .. Its his human right..???? No .. its.. not
    The person who rapes has his intentions bad since the start .. because he feasts on woman’s beauty he want to rape and then rapes.. He is raping her in her mind.. constantly until he gets physical.. This is not unintentional error.. This is intentional..error..which is punishable.. Same goes with murder..

  2. We are constantly doing things that we are not conscious of, such as touch-typing, walking, breathing, taking a route that avoids something, unpleasant without thinking about it, slowing down when we think we saw a police car, etc.
    We are obviously responsible for our actions, but others sometimes share responsibility, such as the person who says, with a leer, that he knows your mother was having sex with several people before you were born, and nobody knows for sure who your biological father is. If I struck someone, it’s assault and battery, but if I struck someone after witnesses can verify that he said that to me, I would almost certainly get off without any punishment.

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