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What makes Aleister Crowley a fraud as an occultist? Can anyone explain Thelema to me?

I am just an occultist but I like Aleister Crowley so I’d like to know more about his branch of occultism.


  1. Thelema is an interesting religion. It is based on the Law “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law, Love is the Law, Love Under Will”. Basically it is about finding your True Will and following it.
    Best to ask a Thelemite though if you want a detailed answer.

  2. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, Love under will. – What is so hard to understand about that?

  3. Nothing makes Aleister a fraud except personal opinion. He was controversial in his lifetime and remains so today. Try the link below to learn more about Thelema

  4. 93,
    I am a Thelemite.
    first of all there are many faces to Crowley. The ones we will look at here are as Prophet and occultist.
    Crowley has a sour reputation as he was a bit extreme in his treatment of the yokes on mankind. Also, a lot of material written by journalists has crept in to biographies, and quoted as real events in Crowley’s life. That is pretty much why he is called a fraud- because he was willing to go to extremes. People are very uncomfortable with Crowley’s idea that any action is right and proper, depending on the context; this includes things that are not deemed morally acceptable.
    I will not deny Crowley was frightening, but what he did was what most people want to do; they just let the establishment strong arm them into good little Sheeple. I also believe a large part of the frightening aspects were his own love of showmanship; and one cannot deny it got him the attention that made him great.
    Also, he used symbollism from Revelations; mostly the dark parts. He reffered to himself as The Great Beast 666 for an example.
    Thelema is not a branch of occultism, but rather religion/philosophy. As a religion we believe in the Book of The Law’s principles. We believe every man and woman is free to do their Will and should not be hindered in any way in that pursuit.
    To explain Thelema, I will need to explain two words. One, Thelema, and two agape. Thelema in Greek means Will. To us that is the highest spiritual purpose. We are to do our Wills and nothing else. Agape means love. Properly understood, love is the uniting of two things, like yoga states, into one. It is an experience.
    Now, you can have the terms “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the Law, Love under Will.”
    To understand Crowley as an occultist, you will have to understand that he was the first to mix Eastern esotericism completely with Western esotericism. Crowley’s brand of occultism is more transcendent than others we have been fed; and that is it’s beauty. Each act of magick [Putting your Will into effect] is an act of Love unto Nuit [Infinite space]. Each limb of Yoga arouses the coiled splendor [Hadit].
    For more on Thelema, and ou views, I present you with Liber Al Vel Legis, Liber Oz, and an epistle from The Beast.
    I could probably tell you more, but your question is very vague. Please E-mail me if you have questions.
    93 93/93

  5. Mr. Crowley was a Fraud because he chose to be one. He was a Warlock (oath breaker) because it was his will to. In fact, he saw it as his goal to make the secrets open to the public. Anyone with eyes can read most of Crowley’s material for free on the internet with a quick search. When Crowley uses ‘fraud’ it is because he is creating a large paradox around what is actually 100% true.
    Is he God? He was a man. With good and bad, like everyone.

  6. Thelema is not a religion, though some have found religion in it… it is more of a philosophy though people use the term to mean just about everything related to Thelema. Crowley is far from a fraud instead he is a greatly misunderstood genius who worked to liberate Man. His knowledge and published works on a variety of occult matters is authoritative and deep… the author Anodea Judith wrote, “I refrain from to much comment on Crowley. Most people either like him or they don’t. If you like him, there is much to learn.”… I concur…

  7. He should have been taken out to a distant location and tortured for a period of time; then shot in the head with a shotgun, beheaded , and his head put on a stick then spat and pissed upon and his body parts left for the animals to eat. That’s what Crowley deserved!!! Plus, it would have saved some sacrificed animals and human life’s!!!! fuck him and anybody who follows him!


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