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What makes a person beaming with light and love, captivating and irresistably to many?

Thank you so much..I wish you all that captivating aura too..!
Have a nice time in your moments..!
I hope to know more..! Thanks..!


  1. whatever happens in life, we should be confident in ourselves,,,,self confidence helps a person to build the character…..it helps a person to face the world with smile…..
    always approach any matter in optimistic way….don’t ever try to be pessimistic…

  2. Because it is deep down what people want to be,this is their true selves, they want to be love itself, completely nonjudgmental, compassionate, and at complete peace at all times.
    Peace and love 🙂

  3. We need to be fed in so many ways. Energy of creation is given off by people of the type you’ve outlined. We feed from it, and hopefully reflect enough back to feed the originator as well. Beauty of all nature is attractive. when it comes deep within an individual, it shines forth as a beakon of hope in an often dark world. You beam forth, you are truly a beautiful person.

  4. .
    It’s not uncommon that which is “not the norm”, “unusual”, “rare” to be captivating to watch, listen to. Interest to point of being irresistible for some.
    Also…it’s natural, yet not seen as the “norm”, that Love, Light is peaceful, serene, of Grace, ease, soothing, assuring, calming, trusted (Truth). Aspects as those people feel drawn to (i.e. irresistible).
    Play, movie, story of same people feel drawn towards (captivating).
    Every being is Light, Love….though not all are aware of that. When a person sees that in another it’s as “home” they sense. People are drawn to home….thus the Irresistable, captivating feeling.
    Nurturing, Love, soft, cradling, natural, safe . . . that’s reality, that’s Home. All that is to simply Be.
    Kind of gives your “chills” of joy feeling doesn’t it?
    Hugs to your soul.

  5. The acceptance “I am nothing” is what makes a person beaming with light and love, captivating and irresistibly to many because then Ego falls and dies and he/she enters into eternity and then he/she become closer to people, then he/she understands others feelings and devotes his/her life in the welfare of others.
    The acceptance “I am something” opens door to egoism.
    The acceptance “I am everything” opens door to hell(darkness).
    The acceptance “I am nothing” opens door to Enlightenment.
    God Bless

  6. People are naturally attracted to Shiny things.
    Have you ever seen a baby trying to catch a beam of sunlight?!? I have…and it’s a wonderful sight 🙂

  7. That person exudes certain positive and nice traits like sincerity, cool temperament, confidence,courage, humor and/or compassion. One also feels drawn to the voice which will have a pleasant tone and volume. The face often glows with health and the gait is brisk. Many yogis, male and female, have these characteristics and will cause any person to be strongly attracted to. May you be fortunate to possess these or be bathed in the presence of these extraordinary souls. Om Shanti! :-))


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