What magick is best done during a lunar eclipse?





Wednesday is a lunar eclipse. Any ideas of spells that correspond with that event?
Do not answer unless you are serious. I do not need a lashing by a fundie. “magick” spelled with a k is the spelling used in the pagan community to define it from the side show Penn and Teller type.


  1. A lunar eclipse is a little different from a full moon or new moon Ritual. Here is an idea that I’ve done. I hope it helps you!
    Lunar Eclipse Spell:
    This combines the power of the full and new moon all at once. Any spell performed this night needs to be done carefully as you will be invoking the Triple Goddess in each of her forms. Consider carefully what you wish and write it out before hand. I would strongly suggest writing your ritual on parchment in sacred ink using a “pen of art” or a sacred writing utensil. Remember, use only consecrated tools as this is a time not only of the full moon, but of the new. Once you have your spell written (mine will be for happiness and wealth never being detrimental, but only to their and my benefit) and your candles ready (for happiness I have chosen yellow and pink. For wealth, I have chosen forest green and blue) and your altar set up, relax, and take a nice long bath in something heavy with Jasmine. Drink a cup of Jasmine tea if possible. I can get dried Jasmine flowers from a local herb shop and so include them in my bath and on my altar. My altar for the full/new moon is dedicated to the Morrigan and Brighd, two Goddess who I never chose. Cast the circle and once cast, light the non-ritual candles. Meditate gently and allow your mind to go blank then focus on your spell. Now, light the candles related to your spell, using whatever chants you have chosen. Take the scroll of paper you wrote the spell on and pass it over each element. See the energy of that element weaving it’s own magic into the spell on the paper. Wave the parchment over each of the spell candles. If you can, light the spell from each of the spell candles and allow it to burn in a safe place, visualizing the energies trapped in the paper of the spell being released to do their purpose. Allow the candles and all ritual items to burn themselves out. Do not reuse any candles, incense, salt or herbs that were used in this ceremony. Take all ashes, salt and whatever else “disposable” you used and wrap in a piece of cotton or silk. Treat this as you would the ashes of a sacred fire, using them to bless an area or keeping them as a talisman.
    I found this spell on: http://www.angelfire.com/on/wicca/Spells3.html

  2. I would suppose a Lunar Ceremony.
    But be aware that the effects of an eclipse are highly disruptive.
    By way of metaphor: Firemen classify hoses in regard to the
    number of men it takes to control the hose, not the number
    of pumper trucks that are attached to the hose array.
    In an effort to apply this to your experiment:
    You might think you’ve got a “one man hose” but really have
    a “three man hose”.
    Good luck on your experiment.

  3. From what little that I understand –although I’m not Wiccan btw– the full moon is the time of greatest power for positive magic or enchantments. In the case of total lunar eclipses –which always involves the full moon– it is the time of perfect union between the sun and the moon, and any type of [positive] magic is acceptable.
    Depending on your current situation and needs, there is a wide spectrum of magickal attributes to work on. It is up to your choosing. But I imagine that you could never go wrong with working on “health and healing” anytime.
    Hope that helps.
    Peace be with you.

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