what magical tools a wicked witch must have and there use?

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imagine witch is young and sexy not old hag. what tools she always need to carry (do she need a hand bagfor them ) and what are must required in her house.
witch is young and sexy not old hag keep in mind while answering
so far answere of Frosty_preistess is going best . I request Frosty to add some thing about broom .

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Young and sexy witch should always carry mace or pepper spray to keep away perverted warlocks.


Atheme and book of shadows


This question made me laugh. A young and sexy “wicked” witch is more likely to be found in a bad pornography movie than anywhere else. “Wicked” witches don’t really exist. Someone who calls themselves a witch (young or old) is probably a pagan who worships the Goddess and Nature.


There are several:
A scepter with a crystal that holds magical powers
poisonous herbs
a bowl and pestle to crush the herbs
Scrying Mirror – Must be black, not reflective


Well, some for at the house I would definitely say –
Mirror, crystal ball, fire, or pool of water – for scrying
Cauldron – for mixing up spells
Library – I would think she would have lots of books for spells, incantations, information on herbs, so on
Shelf – shelf of jars full of herbs, creepy animal bits like frog’s leg, raven feathers, chicken feet, dragon scales, etc, and various precious stones, poisons, oils
Mortar and pestle – for grinding up herbs and such
Familiar – creepy animal familiar, sometimes used for spying like a raven, black cat, owl – all classics
Candles – Lots, of all different colors
Always with her
Belt with pouches – for her herbs and vials of potions
Small book – for her basic spells, or writing down the incantation for on in particular she has to travel for
Wand or scepter – depending on if it should be easily hidden or always out and make her easily spotted as for what she is
Clothing – seeing as how she’s young and beautiful, I’d say something sexy instead of the traditional cloak that covers her all up. I imagine a sexy wicked witch would use that to her advantage
Athame – A small, decorative dagger used for cutting herbs or symbols into candles used for spells, or since she is a wicked, fictional witch, depending on how dark you’re trying for, maybe cutting herself or victims for blood in spell work
Hope that helps! I will try to add more if I think of anything else.
EDIT: Well, let’s see, something about a broom. It all depends. A lot of classical witches in tales do carry these, of course. Watching or reading some of those more advanced in magic, however, you will find many magic users who have moved beyond such things. Such as Sleeping Beauty’s Meleficent, or even Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. They use spells for their transportation. It depends all on if you want to be more ‘classic’ or be a little more inventive. In The Black Swan by Mercedes Lackey, the villain Baron Eric von Rothbart can transform into an owl and fly himself somewhere, and his daughter Odile can transform herself into a black swan. So through transformations, spells, brooms, or even a familiar large enough to carry her, your witch has lots of options! Though for a wicked witch, I suppose she would be jaded to the idea of relying on anything or anyone but herself, so I could imagine first a spell or transformation.
I would also like to add:
Quill and ink – (at home) For writing down new spells and such
Jewelry – A beautiful wicked witch I think would have many pieces, and they are very useful for enchanting with spells so she doesn’t have to waste her magic each time she must use some of her most simple spells – such as something to trigger her transformation, call her familiar, etc or for summoning a simple elemental spell, etc
Servant(s) – At least one. A wicked witch can’t waste her precious time and magic with mundane things like cooking and cleaning, or fetching animals to try out new spells on! Though for self-reliance purposes, I would suppose this person or people would be under a spell, to insure their devotion to her… perhaps even as revenge against them for having crossed her in the past!
Minions – Maybe. It depends on how powerful, or how dark you’re willing to have her be. There are always certain creatures or demons you can depend on to want to work some evil or some mischief, at the least!
Castle/Mansion/Fortress – So on. Something big, surrounded with magical and physical protections. Simple things like perhaps being on a steep mountain, or a moat. Or magically, perhaps a spell to confuse those who mean to harm her into getting lost in a surrounding forest, or a knocker that determines the amount of evil in a person’s heart and either allows the person in or lets them fall through a trap door, depending on what it finds? Definitely something with a dungeon for prisoners, and a tower.
Garden – Both practical and for ‘beauty’. Somewhere to grow her herbs and such, and perhaps some others just because she likes them… or even a big flytrap or something when she just wants to do away with someone quickly, heh.
Hope that helps!

Crystal clear

I need not imagine – this witch *is* sexy and not even close to being an old hag.
The only tool a witch needs is her own mind.

Come to Hell, *FREE Cookies !

an extra pare of clothes, you know dorthy doesn’t care what the withes look like she’ll dump the pale on whoever.


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