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What lotions and soaps can you use on a foot tattoo when it's healing?

I’m getting a tattoo on my foot next week and I’m wondering if anyone knows any effective lotions and soaps to use on it (something I could get from Asda’s or Boots or something :p) ??
I’ve read that you really need to be careful about foot tattoo’s so I want to make sure I get everything right before I get it!


  1. Use Polysporin, only the one with green on the packaging. When I got my tattoo, my tatto guy said just get polysporin, green means go!

  2. savlon lots of the stuff keep applying it like there is no tomorrow and it should heal nice
    NOT vasaline cause it does not let the skin breathe
    and it will take longer to heal

  3. Do not go into a pool for two weeks, use a very mild anti-bacterial soap, and keep the area out of the sun too.
    Hope it looks great, remeber it is an open wound for the next day or so, so be careful.

  4. The tops and sides of both my feet are tattooed. The only thing you have to worry about is that if you are on your feet alot right after the tattoo, your foot can swell. The best thing to do if that happens is just put your foot up. I have a ton tattoos. A and D ointment is the best for the healing process. You never want to use neosporin. It fades the color. I know some tattoo places tell people to use that, but i have seen it in action. After a week or so of A and D, i use nivea creme, it is the one that comes in a little blue pot. It is think and keeps it from getting to itchy. Good Luck!!
    Soap..I always yous Dial antibacterial hand soap on a new tattoo

  5. when you get home, you should remove the dressing and wash your foot off with warm, soapy water. boots do a tea-tree and witch hazel foaming facial wash which is perfect! tea tree and witch hazel are both great for healing skin and any minor bruising you may get over the area [a bony foot might bruise a little over the next couple of days].
    after doing that, you should apply bepanthen cream. i know they say it’s for baby’s bums, but it’s the best thing. it used to be a particular heammoroid cream, but they no longer put a particular ingredient in, so bepanthen is the best.
    for the first day or so you can wrap your foot in clingfilm, in order to keep the moisture from the bepanthen there, and to stop you getting any dirt on your foot.
    ideally you should wash your foot twice a day. once in the morning, and once again in the evening, and reapply the cream.
    and remember: never scratch!

  6. You intend to have a foot punctured by a needle…make sure you have healthy feet before you embark upon this sort of venture.
    Feet carry the body through your entire life and once you upset the applecart having made a hasty cosmetic decision you may have to endure the consequences with deep regret, sore feet can feed pain up to the hips and alter the way your balance is maintained this can assert itself into spinal pain and create a whole body of woes…ask yourself is it really worth the risk.. watch a bunch of older folk moving around town and see how bad practise at work or play have altered their way of walking.
    As for lotions they are not recommended as so many of them can thin the skin layers .

  7. I used bepanthen (nappy rash ointment) on my foot tattoo.
    It stops dirt from getting in as well as helping to heal it faster.
    You’ll need to keep it covered when you’re out and about though because it tends to get really dirty!
    Other than that, when washing use whatever else you would normally use- just dont scrub!
    If you need to clean it aside from when you are showering try an antiseptic spray, like savlon wound healing spray!
    Good luck!

  8. your tattoo artist will give you proper instructions before you leave. i recomend using the pump action softsoap unscented antobacterial soap, washing it numerouse times per day very gently. for a lotion i reccommend lubriderm advanced healing unscented lotion. it is very important that you do not use anything with fragrence.

  9. i use bepenthan, its actually nappy rash cream.
    but it works really well as it takes the itch outta the scab (stops you picking) and it wont discolour or fade your tattoo.

  10. Last summer I got a foot tattoo, and what I did was used the a&d ointment for about 5 days, and then after I used st.ives intensive non scented lotion. Its been almost a year now and it looks great.
    Not sure where you live, but if its warm out try and wear no socks for the first couple of weeks and flip flops or those flats with a open top, or if you have to for work or something then make sure to let it breathe ever couple of hours. I work in an office and have to wear socks, so when I was at work I would take my shoe and sock off when I was behind the desk so it could heal right and breathe.
    You do want to be very careful with foot tattoos, take very good care of it. Also ask your artist for some advice!


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