Home Discussion Forum What limits realization of a consciousness?

What limits realization of a consciousness?

Many times when something is right in front of it?


  1. We are blocking ourself from the ultimate truth. We control what we see nothing else. Some people are not strong enough to accept truth.

  2. I’m gonna have to go with Fear and Boundaries in everything that are placed upon us by people unwilling to advance society due to their own fears of losing humanity or becoming part of somthing larger than themselves.

  3. The mind, with its clutter of thoughts and judgments and subjective opinions. Consciousness gets entangled and then identifies with the mind.

  4. You could easily shrug it off as “evolution of the mind”, if it makes you more at ease.
    But truthfully, I can only guess that your field of realization is altered by the amount of observations you take. The more you think about something, the more you realize. And the more you’re challenged, and faced with different situations, the more you tend to “get the wheels turning”, and think things over. It’s simple experience/comprehension, I suppose.

  5. Simply put perception. Or maybe sometimes, we are actually aware subconsciously and we want to detach ourselves from said consciousness so we subconsciously create barriers that sabotage our perspective.

  6. awareness is consciousness.
    not wanting to be aware or misinformation or keeping information from limits consciousness.
    being “comfortably numb” limits consciousness.
    Opening awareness brings us to realization of a consciousness.


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