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What level of IQ must someone have to believe in the Chi life energy force? Under 70?

The only problem with using IQ is that it uncovers some “inconvenient truths”
old cat lady: please don’t use Einstein to back up your bizarre fantasies – he wouldn’t like it


  1. I know where you are coming from with this, and I agree that believing in chi (qi, ki, prana, etc) is very silly. Just as silly as believing in God, or the aliens kidnapping people to give them anal probes.
    However, the concept of “IQ” is also a bit of a holdover from days gone by, and is not taken seriously by scientists anymore.
    Unfortunately, I know several otherwise intellligent, highly educated people who do hold such beliefs. It is an interesting concept, and Michael Shermer has written about it in his book “Why People Believe Weird Things”. He had a chapter titled Why SMART People Believe Weird Things.

  2. There is no relation between IQ and the belief in Chi. Who said there was or what is making you ask that??
    You either believe in it or you don’t or you don’t know what to think or whatever.

  3. The level of IQ is obvious out of your reach, 120 or higher.
    If you don’t know about something, don’t open your mouth and show every one.

  4. You can’t think that people are stupid just because you don’t believe in what they do……
    That is the problem with the world today, Jack the Mack…….
    Not people that believe in a higher power or “chi” but jerks like you that put people down….

  5. I don’t know what Einstein’s IQ was and of course he more or less proved that the whole universe is nothing BUT energy in one form or another.
    You can give it any name you want – it doesn’t change the fact that is fundamental to the workings of the universe.

  6. At least its a positive way to think and more people believe in it then you would think. I’m sure you believe in things that others would laugh at. I could see where your coming from but chi and things like that are fun and even if they are not true at least they make people smile and believe in something so isn’t that all that really matters?

  7. Actually the lower the better, if you have a high IQ you have the tendency to try and tear everything apart.
    Chi or Energy life force is more metaphysical,
    If you have a high IQ you need to know the formula’s or try to dissect everything and it has to make sense to the logical brain.
    Metaphysics has no logic, it is and understanding of the life force or accepting that there is something greater than science.
    Can’t remember what someone told me about autistic people are highly intelligent, and if you meditate around them you actually can communicate with them as they are highly evolved beings. Have to ask my friend again. And the audacity of people saying they are sick?


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