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What lessons does the Socrates trial provide us for participating in American democracy today?

(discuss participation in juries, freedom of speech, voting, defending the state, etc.)


  1. that although he fought for the best system he could, when it failed him he did not turn and run (they offered to sneek him out) he obeyed the law. he shows us that we must voice our opinions. try to change the laws. but in the end, the majority rules and we must submit for the greater good. do ur own essay, ill give some thoughts.

  2. we have to question authorities.
    Questioning is the most imortant thing Socrates teaches.
    It’s the only wat to learn, to get to the truth, and to get to justice.

  3. Truthfully, I don’t know how you’re trying to apply Socrates’ trial to our democracy, especially to the topics you ask to apply it to. Socrates was given hemlock because he spoke freely. As Plato later said, people are happily stuck in their ignorance. Socrates gave his testimony and said even if he was permitted to live today on the condition that he would no longer practice his philosophy, he would rather die. As for the lessons you ask for, I don’t think the drafters of the U.S. Constitution even took Socrates into account, unlike John Locke, who Adams strongly borrowed from while constructing it.


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