What led you to believe in astrology?

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Specifically, in the personality descriptions.
Or on the other hand, what led you to not believe in it?
Can i also get some examples? thanks

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Bill C

I don’t believe in astrology. Why? Because it isn’t true.


What led me not to believe in it? How about the fact that I had a friend 2 days older than me, same sign, and Oct 10 and Oct 12 1979, and our personalities were completely opposite? its crap


daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes are a load of bull. i have found that zodiac personality descriptions fit really well, the vast majority of the time.

I wasn't asleep! I was drunk

Astrology is crap that fake psychics use to get people’s money.

frou frou

ehe, its kinda something i have had an interest in for a long time, i dont ‘believe’ in it persay, but i take it as a good way to understand people, because usually, the majoirty of people i have ever met, really do hold true to their sign, and for me, thats at least enough evidenve to think that part is holding true


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