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What kinds of questions do you ask Tarot Cards?

Is there like a certain list of questions that are usually asked and if so does anyone have them? Also are the questions suppose to be vague like “will I find love” or can they be very detailed like “on Friday when I go in for that job interview will things go well or blah blah blah”
If you guys know please let me know thanks.


  1. You can ask any question, you just need to know which hands of cards. “7 cards”, which is actually 3 columns of 7 rows, will answer “Yes/No” question and interpret answer.
    Hovewer, if you ask “vague” question, don’t complain your answer isn’t less “vague” as well.To avoid this, ask bold question, set up time limits and use propriet hands of cards.

  2. If you want a yes or no type answer, you’re better flipping a coin than using tarot cards.
    You get the best answers with open ended questions. Instead of asking “will I find love” try something like” what should I focus on to have the relationship I’m looking for.”
    Ditto the job interview question. Try something more along the lines of ” what actions can I take to make my job interview on Friday more successful?”
    Think of it as if you were asking someone for advice. You rarely want a one word answer and the tarot cards work best when you approach them with specific questions looking for answers on what you need to do to get what you want.
    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me via the contact me form on my site http://www.discover-the-meaning-of-tarot.com.
    The Divine Miss L

  3. You can ask Tarot anything you like.
    I put an offer in on a house a few years ago and did a spread the night before the bid went in asking if I’d get it.
    The cards said no but if I waited I would. Didn’t make sense on the night.
    Next day I found out that I had won the bid but it wasn’t enough money for the sellers.
    So they asked me for a higher offer and I said “no”.
    They put the house back on the market at a fixed price.
    I waited 2 weeks and they came back to me and said “ok it’s yours at the price you originally offered”.
    Sometimes Tarot doesn’t tell you want you want to know, it tells you what you need to know.
    I was studying for an exam which I was very unconfident about so I did a Tarot spread and asked if I’d pass.
    I didn’t get an answer, I got cards about a romance, a new relationship.
    The next night I did another spread on the same question and again got cards for a new romance (2 of cups, lovers etc)
    I sat the exam on a Tuesday evening and passed it, the following weekend I got a call out of the blue from a lady I’d met a few months earlier who I’d asked out but she told me he had a boyfriend.
    It turned out the on the night I sat the exam she had split up with her boyfriend and she had called me to ask me out on a date!
    Keep you mind open and good luck with the interview!


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