Paranormal Careers: Job Opportunities in the Occult

Paranormal Investigator
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Have you ever been fascinated by the mysterious and the unexplained? Are you drawn to the paranormal, those events and phenomena that defy scientific understanding? If so, you might be surprised to learn that there are career paths that delve into the realm of the unknown. In this article, we will explore a variety of paranormal careers that allow you to investigate, analyse, and shed light on the enigmatic. From paranormal tour guides to parapsychologists, these professions offer unique opportunities to explore the unexplained and satisfy your curiosity. Join us on this journey into the realm of the extraordinary.

1. Paranormal Tour Guide

Primary duties:

  • Lead groups through sites of paranormal activity
  • Conduct thorough research on the area
  • Create engaging and informative tour scripts
  • Share captivating stories and facts about reported events
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of tour participants

Salary: National average of $28,312 per year

2. Journalist

Primary duties:

  • Conduct in-depth research and investigations
  • Write news stories on paranormal phenomena
  • Focus on hauntings, unsolved mysteries, and unusual sightings
  • Interview eyewitnesses and industry experts
  • Travel to sites of reported paranormal activity

Salary: National average of $35,491 per year

3. Photojournalist

Primary duties:

  • Capture compelling photographs related to paranormal investigations
  • Collaborate closely with journalists to document findings
  • Conduct interviews and research at paranormal sites
  • Edit and enhance photographs for publication

Salary: National average of $39,152 per year

4. Sound Engineer

Primary duties:

  • Operate recording equipment to capture and analyze sounds
  • Record electronic voice phenomena (EVP) during paranormal investigations
  • Enhance and clarify audio recordings
  • Collaborate with investigators to document unexplainable voices

Salary: National average of $39,507 per year

5. Paranormal Investigator

Primary duties:

  • Conduct research and gather evidence on unexplained events
  • Assist individuals experiencing hauntings or paranormal phenomena
  • Interview witnesses and affected individuals
  • Use specialized equipment and technology for investigations
  • Recommend appropriate spiritual or medical interventions

Salary: National average of $43,097 per year

6. UFO Investigator

Primary duties:

  • Investigate unidentified flying objects (UFOs)
  • Use advanced technologies to detect and evaluate flying objects
  • Determine the origin and potential threat level of UFOs
  • Interview eyewitnesses and analyze data
  • Document evidence through photography, video, and data collection

Salary: National average of $62,367 per year

7. Forensic Scientist

Primary duties:

  • Collect and analyze evidence from crime scenes
  • Apply specialized forensic techniques to explain paranormal events
  • Investigate disappearances, hauntings, and unexplained anomalies
  • Utilize expertise to interpret evidence related to the paranormal

Salary: National average of $63,710 per year

8. Historian

Primary duties:

  • Collect and evaluate information from archival sources
  • Focus on unexplained or mysterious historical events
  • Investigate hauntings, ancient civilizations, and unusual artifacts
  • Examine evidence of extraterrestrial life in the past

Salary: National average of $83,021 per year

9. Cryptozoologist

Primary duties:

  • Investigate and determine the existence of paranormal animals
  • Utilize knowledge of existing species and archival evidence
  • Conduct field research and study unexplained creatures
  • Examine claims regarding legendary creatures such as Bigfoot and mermaids

Salary: National average of $80,750 per

10. Parapsychologist

Primary duties:

  • Explore mental phenomena beyond traditional psychology
  • Evaluate individuals experiencing psychological anomalies
  • Conduct interviews and physical examinations
  • Perform tests to investigate paranormal events
  • Study phenomena such as hypnosis, telepathy, and psychic abilities

Salary: National average of $104,764 per year

These paranormal careers offer intriguing opportunities for those who seek to unravel the mysteries of the unexplained. Whether you’re guiding curious individuals through haunted locations, documenting paranormal events through journalism and photography, or conducting in-depth investigations as a paranormal investigator, each path brings you closer to the enigmatic world beyond our understanding. Embark on a journey into the unknown, and let your passion for the paranormal guide you towards a career that is as captivating as it is extraordinary.

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What if I want to learn about the occult sciences to enter cults that may be doing practices against the law so I can, in a way, tell the police of their illegal practices, but if they are legal I leave them. Is that possible as a sort of investagator job?


Wow, reading all these posts… Everyone has an opinion on everything. It may be right, it may be wrong. Let’s just hope like hell we’ve all led a life worthy enough to participate in whatever may be beyond death’s door. As far as a job in paranormal activity, try your best to hook up with some of these society’s around us and maybe you can get a start there.

Sharad Kumar

I have demons talking in varanasi …….in my own vicinity.
where ever I go they follow me….Can studies be arranged they work etc for benefit of mankind.

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There are many fields of work within spirituality / occult (if you want to call it that) It depends what path you are drawn to or where your skills are.
I would suggest finding a course to learn spiritual development. This will lead you to understanding what your skills are and into a path. After many years of struggling with the experiences I was having from childhood, I found some courses, or they found me…;) and it led me to my path today where i work full time in the metaphysical….
For me, every day is different and I perform different tasks for different cases.
It’s not always an easy path to take, but if you are like me… nothing else will satisfy you.
Are there people who give cold readings & rip people off? yes… but there are people out there who are legitimate and giving life changing connections and accurate insight; whilst educating people on the reality of spirits… not what you see on tv.
People are quick to have a rant about the occult without having any true understanding of what it is, what is involved and how it actually works. When you sit down and explain how such things work 90% of people realise that it is far less spooky, or mythical and a lot more relevant.. The other 10% refuse to listen and so they miss out on discovering the power that is within all of us…. that’s ok, we are all on our own journey.
You may not work within the industry full time straight away, though if you are focused and dedicated… you will end up doing what you love. In most cases there is no set path to this type of work, it is something that you will carve out on your own, which makes it more unique and exciting.
I wish you the best of luck on your journey and hope you discover your path soon – blessings

John Doe

Oh yeah, I forgot! Just join the VATICAN. They have exorcist, demonologists, and a slew of occult researchers.
The pay isn’t great, but you can dabble in the mysteries!

John Doe

Yeah, the occult helped pay for my new house and my porsche! Seriously though, it is more of a hobby, but if you get a degree in paranormal studies or forensics or criminal justice, you can investigate strange stuff sometimes, rarely, but still it beats being an accountant.

Jamie D

unfortunately, because occult and paranormal research are not by any means mainstream (although the selfless work of people like Dean Radin and the like is attempting to change that) , paranormal research is like science was in the renaissance period. If you can afford to do the research yourself, then good. If not, it can only be a “hobby”, or “calling”, or whatnot. There are no genuine college courses or real training, it’s just experience and mentoring, really.
The occult, especially, is not really something that can be taught. And, even though the occult is not, as some people like to believe, an instant “ticket to hell”, it can get dangerous, especially in these days.
Anyways, there are no jobs in paranormal research, I’m afraid. But hey, science is fun, you can always go for that!


You are playing with fire whenever you dabble in the occult.
each time you do a reading or get a reading, you will take on tormenting demons.
and the rest of your life will be worse then it ever was.
Because the devil does not like anyone,. but he likes to ensnare you.
repent and get saved for the Name of Jesus is the only way to be free from demons.

Jay A.

Following up the other answers- it’s one of those fields that makes an excellent hobby or side pursuit.


Well dear, get a day job. I read Tarot, perform spells, cleanse homes of negative energies and I have a regular job. The occult does not pay the bills.
Blessed Be


You can learn to do cold and hot reading and rip people off, cheating them out of the money they actually work for. Protip: none of that crap is real.