Home Discussion Forum what kinds of healing are they things like Crystal heal?

what kinds of healing are they things like Crystal heal?

thanks ron, i’m looking for things that people believe are going to heal them and have been passed on for years.
thanks but are there any others bar crystal?


  1. I’m sorry to disappoint you Joanne , but crystals have no ‘healing power’ whatsoever, or any other ‘mystical’ power.
    It belongs in the same category as homeopathy, it’s all in the mind, a placebo effect.
    Don’t get me wrong the placebo effect is very real, which is why they incude placebos in all pharmaceutical trials, and the placebo does work in a small number of cases, just like homeopathy and crystal healing.
    My link will explain it better, and if you have any thoughts about other ‘paranormal’ powers, James Randi is the man to check.

  2. The use of quartz crytals by healers is because the crystal has the ability to amplify the energetic wavelength. The Earth resonates at 7-14Hertz. In the human body this stimulates self-healing. This why you are encourage to connect to the Earth or Nature. This is scientific fact not fiction.

  3. I take a couple of different types of herbal medicine (NOT homeopathy) and they have helped me to overcome my depression and chronic fatigue problems. I’m 100% better to how I was a year ago and my life is back on track now.

  4. Ignore Ron or any answer such as his. The entire world including us is made of energy. On reason some people use crystals to heal is because of the belief that the stones help to balance the energy between the human body and the world we live in there-by promoting healing. There is also Reiki, Chakra balancing, and polarity therapy. You can likely guess why Ron is sending you to youtube 🙂 Look up the therapies I listed. Homeopathy is no joke, it is an alternative form of medicine. You might also look up magnetic therapy. All have been around for not only years but for all of recorded time. This time includes BEFORE modern or Western medicine. All of the above listed therapies work by putting back into balance the body by the use of energy transference.

  5. Crystal healing has been around for centuries there is documented proof that crystals have been used by the Egyptians. The bible even mentions the properties of stones on the breastplate of Aaron (Exodus 28) Just as atoms vibrate, so do our bodies. The vibrations of crystals and minerals affect the vibrational energies of our bodies, just as the magnetic field affects metallic objects near it.
    Acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy and Chinese medicine based on the 5 elements are also other forms of healing. Massage and reflexology are also healing modalities that have been practiced for centuries.
    I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and a crystal intuitive with many years of practice and research.


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