What Kind of Yoga Poses do you Recommend for a 13 Year Old?

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I’m 13 years old, I weigh 111pounds and stand at 59 inches (4’11) I’m nor very tall and I’m a little overweight for my age so I decided to start eating fruits more and doing yoga. I don’t go to any yoga classes so I use the yoga fitness shows On Demand. The problem is, I can’t really do the things they do. So what kind of yoga is suitable for a 13 year old with my height and weight?

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go and buy/rent a beginner’s yoga video – there are plenty that would be perfect for you. or enroll in a beginner yoga class. you don’t start out doing the intense moves you see most people doing.
if for some reason you can’t go get any yoga vids or go to a class, look up the sun salutation online. that’s an easy sequence that you can definitely do. i really do recommend a class or at least a video though.
good luck!! i love yoga its great 🙂


It’s great that you want to start out with yoga that early! Yoga is one of the best thing to stay healthy.
As for myself I haven’t managed to start yet but I will. Hmm try to search for it on yahoo or google as there is always something.

Miss Prep :]

Do you have a wii fit? if so it has yoga poses on there. If not, http://www.yogasite.com/postures.html has some easy poses you can try! also maybe try out theses links?
sorry if the links don’t work! just copy and paste them into your search bar 🙂 hope that helps!
bridges may be good to start uh too!


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