What kind of yoga is good for the spine?

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I’m interested in doing yoga to stretch out my spine and make it more flexible. The last time I did yoga regularly was 10 years ago and don’t know much about it. Would appreciate answers from people who are knowledgeable about yoga and/or pilates, etc. Thanks!

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Keetu S

the yoga which has mushaging in it


yoga in general is good for you.
poses/asanas involving the spine are better for it.
do yoga involving a lot of poses/asanas involving the spinnal muscles.
This should help your spine and posture.
Sun salutations are great
type in back yoga poses on google or go to the yoga journal website and customize a routine for yourself focusing on your spine!
Good Luck!


I love Hatha yoga. It’s usually fairly gentle and is good. I did it for about a year and a half (looking for a new studio in my new town).
In Bikram, the room is hot and it’s more vigorous.
But I think all yoga is good.


I prefer Namaste Yoga. I have degenerative disk disease and many back problems. I find doing Namaste does miracles for my back! All Yoga is basically beneficial to the mucles and bones though. It’s more a matter of personal preference. Namaste is what I find as a best fit for me.


Just beginning Hatha yoga would be fine for you. If you have any doubts, talk to the instructor who should be aware of any physical problems or limitations anyway. There is stretching before the class begins usually as well.


You can go with hatha yoga.. a combination of deep breathing techniques and simple yoga poses.. All the new forms of yoga are just derived from hatha yoga. I advice you to learn the poses and their physiological benefits also. See this free yoga e-course, it’s nice for you: http://www.yoga-health-beauty-energy.com/


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