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What kind of underwear do you women wear when you do yoga?

i usually wear thongs on a daily basis but when i’m on my period i wear regular underwear because i don’t use tampons. i’m doing yoga this semester at community college, and i know its bound that my period will fall on one of the days i have yoga class. i don’t want to have a VPL so what do you guys suggest?


  • sometimes, if i have my period, and i don’t have any tampons, i wear regular panties and deal with the vpl. lol atleast your comfortable lol
    but i would suggest boyshorts, maybe looser pants and panties, and definetly tampons
    Hope this helped :]

  • The nice seamless. tagless ones with smooth edges really don’t show. I get mine from Victoria’s Secret. Tehre are some from Target that are really nice too.

  • start using tampons. its honestly the best thing when you are doing yoga, Pilate’s, or other activities like that.

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