What kind of trees are in your front yard or back yard or side?





If you live in an apartment, do you have trees? I love nature everything. I am captivated by trees. Especially the ones that flower every year. What trees are prominent in your home town?
I notice that mimosa, (love the smell!), pecan and oak are the trees I see the most. We don’t have too many of the firs, pine or cedar where I am. I love those too. I also saw some Blue Spruce in Michigan one year and fell in love with them. 😉
Does that make me a tree hugger? :~D
love you
{{{hugs from randi}}} <>< Thumbs up to all...sweetums! :~D Oh my lands!! I want all you for Best Answer! What to do, what to do...! No, really. What do I do? ;~D love you {{{hugs from randi}}} here: @}>–;—


  1. There was only one tree here when I moved in, and that was a silver maple, approximately 70-80 years old in the front yard. It had to come down about 8 years ago – it was rotten on the inside, and in danger of falling on the house. But, I have planted pink and white crabapples, a mountain ash (my favorite) two magnolias, two single trunk Amelanchiers, three dwarf Japanese maples, a red-twig dogwood, a thundercloud plum, a weeping Blue Atlas cedar, a blue table-top spruce, two birch trees that didn’t make it, a red maple that gives us shade in the backyard, another magnolia (royal star) back there, a corylus, or Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, and I have a couple of volunteer Rose of Sharons from the neighbor’s yard. There is a white pine on the other side of my back fence that may as well be mine, as it hangs over and visits with us till the electric company comes to trim it. Then there are the flowering shrubs and perennials. You can’t see the house anymore. lol

  2. We have maple,elm,cedar,mulberry,oak ,willow and about every tree that grows in Illinois. We planted a rose bud that is just beautiful.My granddaughter plays under the willow tree saying it’s her cabin. Trees are wonderful part of God’s creation.

  3. A subject near and dear to my heart.
    ornamental pear, fruiting pear, cherry
    redbud, dwarf Japanese Maple, white and purple lilacs,
    3 silver maple, pine
    weeping willow, purple leaf plum, Bradford pear,
    2 silver maple

  4. We have a Live Oak in our front yard that is nearly 50 years old. There are crepe myrtles and a dogwood scattered around. Our lot is small, we live near downtown, and so we don’t have room from too many trees.
    We had a huge old grapefruit tree that was killed by back to back freezes in the mid 80s. A lightning strike killed a 40 foot oak tree in our back yard 10 years ago. Hurricane Charley took out our Magnolia tree, a small oak tree, and a pecan tree. We’ve learned not to plant trees that grow too large in our back yard…..they are too close to the house and too expensive to remove if they die.
    I too love trees. I’ve planted trees at local parks, schools, and playgrounds. I love driving by these places and watching the trees grow.

  5. Coincidentally, I was looking out of my front window this morning and mentioned to those in the room with me, how many different kinds of trees were in front of us. Pine, Fir, trees with red clusters of berries, oak, willow, dark red leaved trees, scotch pine, blue spruce, cedar and the majority of them, very, very tall and swaying with the wind. Today, for a change the sky was blue, and there was two blue jays on my porch.
    To the left of us up the block, we have a mountain with a University on top. (which I can see) and there are paths everywhere, up the mountain, between some houses along the street, that have vines and bushes along each side.
    Yes, I am very, very lucky to be living where I do, because no matter where I go, for hours around me, there are trees, mountains, blueberry fields, corn fields, lakes and farms with red barns. AND we never have hurricanes. Rain and sometimes stormy weather but that is why everything is so very green.

  6. Palm trees in the front.
    Orange and grapefruit trees in the backyard.
    I live in Florida.
    There are alot of big Oak trees in my neighborhood.

  7. Since I have moved in here, I have planted many trees. In my front yard, I have planted two mexican fan palms, a palo verde, an indian laurel, a lisbon lemon, a blood orange and a phoenix palm. In my side yard, I have planted a desert willow and a leather leaf acacia. In my back yard, I have planted two jacarandas, a queen palm, a valencia orange, a mandarin, a bottle tree and an allepo pine. Of course this doesn’t include all the shrubbery that I have put in, mostly myrtles and arizona yellow bells. So, I guess that would just about make me an arborist, however, I am not a tree hugger, because tree huggers never get wood, lol.

  8. Well, unfortunately I live in the city and the 2 trees out front of the building I have no idea what they are!
    You made me remember the trees at the farm in Southern Illinois where I grew up, though, and how my dad would take me for walks and tell me all the names of the trees.
    We had Redbuds to the north that I climbed with my cat, cedar to the south, Eastern Locust to the west (the blooms smelled so good), and something we called a stink tree in the front yard to the west and another locust that was struck by lighting twice in the same spot.
    Thanks for conjuring those fond memories up!

  9. Weeping Willow, Post Oaks, Dogwood, Slippery Elm, Ash, Silver Maple, Cedar, Tree of Heaven, Hickory, Walnut, Red bud and I’ve probably missed a few. Anyone on here who knows me, already can tell you I’m a nature fanatic. We try to plant a new tree every year.

  10. Front yard has a Modesto Ash..Back yard has 2 apple, 1 lemon and a neighbors persimmon hanging over the fence on one side and a neighbors plum hanging over the fence on the other side..What I would really like to have is a Red Bud Tree, we saw them growing everywhere[wild and in yards] this spring in the East.. They are gorgeous, but I don’t know if they would grow in California, as I have never seen them here.

  11. Front: dogwood, October glory maple and honey locust
    sides: purple ash, red maple and dogwood, and anything that grows in the woods
    back: white pines, ash, maples and deep woods

  12. We have 6 huge pecan trees, a few cedar, several fruitless mulberry, a couple of rain trees, 4 catalpa trees, a couple oak trees, apple tree, pear tree, a plum tree and a few more that I don’t have a clue as to what they are. These are all on the 2 acres that we live on.
    I know that you wanted the ones that are in our town but….

  13. In my side yard I have a Fountain Cherry, that is shaped like an umbrella, and has delicate white flowers every spring.
    In the center of my back yard I have a long needle white Pine, and over in one corner of my back yard, I have a weeping willow, that sway’s so
    softly with a little wind. I like trees too!

  14. We have a huge oak tree in our front yard. It provides a lot of shade on the house. We have another oak in the back yard, but not as big. Where I lived before I had a lot of trees around my house. 4 red maples in the front. 2 ash trees, 2 Cypress trees in the lowest part of the back yard, (water lovers,) 2 ornamental plums, 11 pine trees, one soft maple that I planted taking a seed from my dad’s tree that was at least 25 ft tall when I left there. 2 hemlocks, and 1 bradford pear.I always loved riding the mower around the pines. They smelled so good. We even took some dead trees that had fallen over, that we found in our farms bottoms ground, and my then husband, planted two in the backyard. I guess people though he was nuts planting dead trees, but I had a reason–the wookpeckers. They loved it, even an occasional hoot owl would perch there at night and talk to us. I loved the country and miss it so much. Thanks for a wonderful memory. 🙂 Added Note: Well after our 65 mile an hour gusts all afternoon we lost a huge limb from our front oak tree. Neighbors all around us and the city have lost many trees as well today, due to the remnants of ‘Ike.’ We are thankful we did not get what the south has gotten.

  15. We had a beautiful, smelling pine but it was way too large and too close to the driveway. We had to cut it down, but we planted a pink dogwood. There is also a flowering cherry tree in front and another pink dogwood on the side of the house. My yard is beautiful all year round with all the colors. I am a tree hugger too!!!!

  16. I live in a townhouse with a wooded area behind it. I’m not sure what type of tree some of them are – all deciduous, but in the spring I have three natural dogwoods that bloom and are just lovely! I love to sit on my deck in the mornings with my coffee because it’s so beautiful back there. I only have a postage stamp sized yard in front, but I planted a lace-leaf japanese red maple. It’s now starting to change into it’s fall outfit and I hope it’s as beautiful this year as it was in the past. I notice some years, depending on rainfall, etc., the fall foliage isn’t as vibrant as other years.

  17. north front — wind/snow break of christmas trees — east side none 100 acres of corn this year == south another wind/snow break of christman beyond them are the pasture with some large oak/hickory trees — west is 40 acres of woods and brush!!! have a good supply of hedge apples to ward off the bugs this winter!!!

  18. We have an old rose bush on the front lawn, and no trees in the back yard. There is, however, a ravine behind the yard full of elm and oak trees, with the odd maple thrown in, too.

  19. I have a huge oleander bush in my front yard.
    In my side yard I have one palm and a carrotwood tree.
    The bush and the palm are being taken out. I am planning to plant some more palms and an oak tree. We recently moved in, and I don’t like what was here, so I am redesigning the yard. I am planning it for how it will look in 5-10 years.
    I live on a busy corner, so i am going to plant for privacy, and to give it a tropical jungle feel.
    In Florida we are limited to what trees we can choose from. many of the trees that grow up north do not grow here.

  20. Call me a tree hugger also, then! LOL. Although I live in an condo there are many, many trees in my neighborhood and outside my building….pines, weeping willows, dogwoods, tulip trees, Japanese Maples and a couple of flowering types whose names I do not know. I live on the 3rd floor and sit in my sunroom feeling like I live in a treehouse! 🙂

  21. Yes it does. I too love nature, we have magnolias ( we live in the south) as well as dogwoods, tulip trees,crepe myrtle and others. We have mimosa too with dark pink flowers.We live in the country with many trees all around . Poppy

  22. side yard-mimosa, front yard- 2 maple, back yard-2 maple,cottonwood,mulberry tree, then there are honeysuckle,grapevines,several dogwoods different color flowers.

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