Home Discussion Forum What kind of tarot deck do you own, details?

What kind of tarot deck do you own, details?

what type of cards do you have an what cards are you drawn to?


  1. i don’t have it physically .. since i’m using a software “Tarot Magic” … you can choose many decks and spreads ..
    the cards that drawn me is “Nine of Swords”, “Queen of Swords”, and “Temperance”… because they often appears …
    how about you ? add it on details pls ..

  2. Ruhrig deck, i have the newer version, the graphics are cool. But really liked the previously printed version. As well the large Crowley deck. Like its bluntness. 😉 . Mother Peace, Arch Angel, Goddesses Deck.

  3. Rider Waite,and Voudon….I like XV….and I also like the Fifteenth card very much!!!And the one right after Temperance,but just before the Tower…can’t remember what it’s called…but I like it alot…and the one that has that goat with the burning stick where the guy and girl are chained to his throne-I like that one most of all-because they look like they are about to get their skin melted off…


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