What kind of store would one find tarot cards?

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I’m looking for a nice deck of tarot cards but in honesty I don’t know where to find them.
I’m not a witch or psychic so I would appreciate if people left their smartass comments elsewhere.
I just want a nice deck of artful tarot cards and I need to know where to look.

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You could go with a specialty (occult) store but why bother? You can find them at any Barnes & Noble in the New Age section (at least I think it’s in that section, just ask them). They usually have several different decks, from basic to ornate. You could also get them online – Amazon has plenty to choose from.


Hi I don’t know where abouts you live but most large towns will have a kooky little shop that sells items assosiated with the occult, I got my first pack from a car boot sale, and if all else fails, try online shops or ebay, however as far as I know there are no Highstreet shops that sell them. x x


Most bookstores carry them.


There’s more than tarot cards out there, also there’s a lot of different sorts of tarot cards. Doreen Virtue makes some beautiful cards. They’re not tarot, but you can use them in a similar way if you like. You can get cards on ebay, but they’re probably going to have the previous owner’s energy on them, particularly if they’re not sealed.
These are nice but it’s down to you which cards you feel drawn to: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Rider-Waite-Tarot-Cards-NEW-maybe-cheapest-ebay-/380228693944?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Metaphysical_New_Age&hash=item5887656fb8#ht_500wt_1182


online or in a new age store, rider waite is the best deck to get started with


Bookstores carry them. I have the Rider Waite deck but I got it from this place called Gamers Paradise. But when I go to Borders , there is a huge case of them.


a magickal store. the one i use is called ‘magickal mayhem’.

kevin c

There’s dozens of different decks. The most common is the Rider-Waite deck available at most book stores.
Since it matters (to Tarotists) if the card is drawn from the deck inverted or not, there are specialty “round” decks that (to the reader) offer more subtle readings.
eBay.com and amazon have good deals.
As one of your other answerers eluded to, you can also go to your local witch shoppe to pick out a deck.

Badger G

I found some of my decks in Waterstone’s book store!
They weren’t wishy-washy ones ether, Waterstone’s often stock the Ryder-Waite deck, or it’s colourful adaption “The Universal Waite”. I use that as my default deck because many modern/themed decks are based upon it.
I also found a lovely deck on Amazon. I got the lovely “Druid Craft” deck there. It came with a handy book. They are very large, but the artwork is amazing.
If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, then there is a deck designed by Peter Preconwick which can be used as ether a game or a divination deck.
It’s very well thought out, with the characters matched well to their meanings.
It’ll all be on Amazon!


I’d suggest as a starting point, hunting for them online. Try http://www.aeclectictarot.com – which has images of all the decks of tarot and oracle cards they carry. You can then also choose to buy them there, or Amazon also carries quite a variety.
Good luck.
PS: My absolute favourite decks are my Celtic Dragon Tarot and Gilded Tarot decks. But I have probably too many decks. (I love the artwork!)

Child of Venus

Most bookstores carry them. New Age shops generally have them too. At Barnes and Noble in particular, they store them near the checkout line and the bookmarks and chocolates.
Venus Bless


There’s some good websites, that would also have some reviews, so that you could see how good a deck is. Here:
Or you could do a search, but I don’t really know of any stores, except at the mall. I only got mine in Spencer’s at the mall. If you’re unlucky like me, and live in a small town where there’s barely even any bookstores let alone a place that sells tarot cards, than you either go to the mall, buy one from a website, or go to a big city that would have a store that sells them. I hope this is helpful. ~.~


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