What kind of psychic powers do you think you have?

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Do you have the ability to do things or see things as a psychic?

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Yes. I can communicate with animals.


actaully i believe me and my cousin could reach each others mind.


I find things, earrings in a pool, earrings in snow, a rubber start button for a lawn mower when i was 1600 miles away, tools, glasses. Unfortunately, nothing dramatic


none – it’s all hocus pocus


Psychic powers dont exist, if they did James Randi’s $1,000,000 offer would have been claimed long ago.

Megami of Nekro

Being able to tell when something bad is going to happen (foresight)…
… oh yes, I’m also an empath. Boo. Empathy sucks… stupid emotional-sucking-in-ness…


I have the ability to see major disasters in the clouds. I once saw a hearse drawn by 6 horses containing my father’s body. I haden’t seen him for about a year and he was in find health. I hitchhiked home from Madison Wisconsin to visit and he died six weeks later from cancer.
My grandmother passed this gift (curse) onto me when I was a small child…


I have a wierd thing.Like sometimes i know when somethings going to happen.Like on september 11, i knew a few hours before it was going to happen.And i can also tell when something bad is going to happen


when i listen to the radio and I want this song to come out………………it comes out!!! omg it’s freaky but fun too! LOL!!


Visit – http://agneya2.blogspot.com, you will know. I can make any website appear at number 1, without getting linked to any other site.
Example, type “first tones freedom” in Google and then see what you get. You will find site at #1.
You know, its next to difficult to find your site at #1, but then with my psychological power and meditation, I can do it.


I can see into the future. Watch and I’ll prove it to you.
I see myself getting 2 points very, very shortly.
TA DA!!!!!!!! (takes a bow) And for my next trick…..


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why dose a psychic have crystal ball?

lol i Always wanted to know what they do with it

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