What kind of psychic do I go to to find out who i was in a past life?

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Any psychic’s or mediums out there? I really think I had a past life that is significant to who i am now and i think it’d be fun to go to one. I know its expensive.
Please no rude remarks about rip off, fake mediums or psychics please.

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Rock Candy

You’ll need to find someone that does “Past Life Regression”. Some Psychics say they do it, but you would be better using a psychic that does hypnosis.
Good Luck, the experience is AMAZING!

Storm Cestavani

I would suggest going to a past life regression therapist. These are people that specialize in this field. You could also visit a clairvoyant if you do not want to participate in the process of going back to that time and experiencing it yourself.


not all psychics can do this. you need a past life regression therapist. you can also do it yourself if you know how to meditate. do a google search for
TED ANDREWS…he has past life reg. books and tapes that are excellent. i have used them on me and my clients….very good.
*i have had 3 past lives that i uncovered so far….very interesting results!


my fav. is sylvia brown

Sethantes Datatech 1.4

I have done past life progression as well. Consult a past life reader, past life regression expert anything that has to do with past life. Try as many as you can and find the most reputable. Then decide if past lives indeed are a real thing. Answer the questions like, what can learning about past lives help you? What happened in your past life that affects the current?
Tip: Give as minimal information about yourself as possible, a true psychic doesn’t need any information at all.

Pam R

Hello Cherub
A hypnotherapist would probably be your best shot – that way you can confirm what you get with your own mind.
I am a psychic & a hypnotherapist & see this as the best route – if you mix the two together you can use guided meditations.
Any past life experiences that I have experiences myself have happened spontaniously via meditation in my own time. So you can always go down that road alone – but be patient.
join ~ Practice Tarot. Psychic Development.
Clairvoyancy. Hypnotherapy. Meditation.


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