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What kind of people focus the most negative energy, religious people or nonreligious people?


  1. That would be a generalization. It depends on the person as an individual.
    Though I must say the bible does say some negative things.

  2. there are more religious people, so if numbers are what you’re after, they win.
    i also believe that if not for religion, a lot of wars would not happen (crusades, holocaust, wars in middle east)

  3. I believe a negative person focuses negative energy. I would not seek generalize this type of label to religious or nonreligious people. Everyone has their moments.

  4. Its all the individual, the energy he/she has themselves. Its based on their outlook, confidence, it just projects them as an individual, like an aura you can feel.

  5. practically unless they happen to know all sins and nuances of sins, then they would need to view every situation they entered into in a heaven or hell perspective, then err on the side of hell just to be safe. Pretty negative really

  6. It depends on the individual in general………Even though alot of religions focus alot of their hate on homosexuals……
    In the majority/stereotype, its religion.
    But it really depends on the individual person.
    FYI: The person above me(jl_Kummer), thats so stupid and has no actual truth. (There you go people. Pure example of a religious person being judgemental/prejudice.)
    BTW: Cyriac, I LOVE your answer.

  7. Religious folk focus negative or positive energy in most situations involving their religion, especially when confronted by folk of opposing beliefs. They are often neutral or positive amongst their own kind, or to those they can relate with.
    Non-religious folk don’t “focus energy” at all. But in your terms, it would be called neutral energy because emotionally, we are rather null. We use reason more often than passion, but we can often be passionate about truth and reason, which could be seen as positive energy.
    So overall, non-religious folk are less likely to be “negative energy focusers”.

  8. I once saw this youtube video. It compared religious countries to non-religious countries, and it showed their crime rate.
    The US is mostly religious. Highest crime rate. Highest teen pregnancies etc.
    Japan is mostly not religious. Lowest crime rate. Lowest teen pregnancies, etc.
    I don’t know for sure if these are right, but youtube never lies :-P.
    Personnally I feel that religious people give off the most negative energy. Like they look down at me. When I am disproving religion, I’m doing it for a good time. Haha.

  9. That would be an inaccurate generalization, as nothing is set, but we do think a great many religious people fit the bill more than nonreligious.

  10. I believe that has something to do with “spiritual” growth.
    Not so much the “religoius”
    As I have grown more spiritual,
    I spend less time being negative.
    I focus more on the positive,
    but I also notice who is being negative as well.
    I try to mention something pertaining to “energies”
    and how enegry can spread and grow.

  11. Just try reading a small sample of Christian postings on here!!!
    Intolerant, egotistical, hate filled and bigoted!! Eschewing education, science, evolution works of fiction and much, much more. Christians are the only religion opposing human rights and persecuting gays, pro choice and so much more – but far worse whilst they demand freedom of religion they deny it to all non Christians and persecute them!!!
    Definitely the religious – seems they have even gone so negative as to get rid of the notion of a loving god!!


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