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by KatieKat:

I just recently discovered Paganism, and I thought it was great. I love being spiritual and am very protective of the earth and animals in it. But, I kind of want to know what group I’d belong in. I believe in all the gods and goddesses, but I believe there’s a higher god that keeps the lower gods( i don’t mean to be disrespectful in anyway to them) in order. I don’t really do any magic, but I do practice healing energy, and purifying it. Any help? :]
Just so you know, I have been looking this up. Had I found something I wouldn’t resort to Yahoo! just to get some unhelpful, and rude criticism.
Okay, Once again let me explain what I think of the lesser(Once again sorry.) Gods and Goddesses. I characterize each God/dess, with a specific thing. Like Aphrodite, with love. I think they are the essence of that particular thing. I thank them for what they give us but I don’t worship them like I do with the head honcho in the sky. I am not worshiping Satan, and I do not think these Gods/goddesses are evil. I don’t believe in the God, I NEED to pray for forgiveness to, and be worried he wont save my soul. I believe in a God who loves me and helps me with my mistakes. So please preach somewhere else. I need advice in Paganism, not “God will kick your ass if you don’t worship him.” :] M’kay?

Answer by veganmarshmallows
a stupid one if you can’t look this up yourself and trust yahoo to answer this for you.


  1. truthfully, i dont think some of us will ever know what ‘kind of’ pagan we are, so in those terms i say we are eclectics, which is basically a person who is just themselves and learns who they are via different sources as apposed to oen source
    your not being disrespectful, if thats what you beleive, thats what you beleive
    welcoem to paganism and learning who you are katie 😉

  2. Paganism is the effect of human made invented illusory gods that do not exist in reality but only in the mind’s concept image of them. Many times in the history of the Bible God says, I alone am God and there is no other.
    Pope John Paul taught, The Lord Jesus Christ is God’s supreme revelation of himself.
    If you like to know the way the only real God is look at the person of Jesus and his always perfect love and mercy.
    Jesus name is Emmanuel which means God is with us.
    All of the imagined invented gods do not have an infinite all perfect eternal love for you like God and Jesus do. Read the four gospels and you will see and get what is higher than anything you have ever known or imagined possible.
    Ask Jesus to help you get free and higher than all those substitutes for not knowing the truth of God Jesus reveals. God is for you not against you. Jesus in the gospels says about coming to God and him, Be not afraid.

  3. There is no need for other gods when there is One who rules all. And how do you heal energy? Oh, energy heeeeeeealing. Must be fun.

  4. Lots of Pagans make their own branch of Paganism and practice that. Mine is called Stardust Paganism where I don’t believe in any gods, but worship the earth as if it were a god (I mean it might as well be, being the thing that we live on, feed off of, it sustains us, AND can kill us just like that). I’m a vegan, as the best way to respect the earth is to avoid pollution and suffering (contributing to it). Read up on Paganism some more and meditate on it. It took me two years to come up with my own path and I am still building it, adding pages to my BoS frequently.

  5. i use to go to witchcraft religious service put on by the church only place i felt at home with they will approach you suggesten scripture from the holy spirit and regularily practice hand healin its good real good

  6. i don’t know what kind of a pagan you are, but why do you want to be pagan when you could worship the only true living God. the rest are demons, dear. don’t you know that? what you are doing is tantamount to worshiping satan. turn to God and beg forgiveness.

  7. The really special kind it depends do squirrels react funny when when u watch them. Beware the mighty squirrel they are most sacred to my pagan sect.

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