Home Discussion Forum What kind of meditation would open your mind to communicating with spirits?

What kind of meditation would open your mind to communicating with spirits?

what is the name for it, and how is it done?


  1. I dont think there is any specific type
    any meditation that relaxes you and clears your mind
    so simple meditation focusing on breathing is fine
    also visualisations help

    • there are spirits to thos who are able to open there minds and are not skeptics, and also, doing the correct meditation and knowing what you are doing would help you alot, i am a sensitive and a strong energy sorce and so i know they do exist as i have had expieriances myself:-).

  2. I hear the voice of a spirit that claims to be Godâ„¢.
    You don’t want that, bro. You have to just believe me on this one. Take my word for it.

  3. Dear Captain Morgan
    If you want to communicate with spirits, please take yourself off to either a Spiritualist Church, where they teach you to do this safely, OR join a magical lodge and endure the hard work and personal development that this requires, and you too can learn to summon up spirits or “demons” in the time honoured way……but why would you want to?
    If you develop clairvoyant skills you can learn to communicate with all sorts of passing astral entities, should you so desire.
    Honestly, they’re not (i.e.spirits) all that you might think they are.

  4. been meditating regularly and studing phychic perception awareness skills and meditating to Binaural beat music, I am pretty sure it has opened up doorways for me good and bad and sometimes sad.

  5. Hello:-).
    my names becca godwin, i am 15 and im a sensitive i can communicate with the spirit worl and i know an aweful lot about it, i believe i could help you with your problum and maybe give you advice, but you mustr understand that once you open your mind you will find it extremley difficult to re-close it, although the spirit world and the spirits are indeed very intreeging, its not something i would advise unless you call a medium of spiritualist, but be careful who you call, i would reccomend paul, from the hands of venitian team, he is a spiritual medium and if he believed you where able to handle it would probably open your mind for you.
    but as i know that long answer would not help you in any way i will say this, facebook me or something and i will take you through the steps of how to open your mind, make sure you are thinking and you need to have good focus and concentration to suceed in this.
    hope to speak to you soon, Goodluck:-).

    • Hi becca I’m in need of some help! I need to talk to my husband I don’t know if there is a way but I just hope and pray there is! My husband was killed. This past thanksgiving 2017 I’m so lost without him or knowing if he is okay wherever he is we have 2 beautiful amazing children together my children are now fatherless and I am a widow at 24 years old my husband nikolas would have been 33 on December 11th if you truly believe you can help me gain clarity or that I can talk see or hear him please let me know thank you so much sweetie! Merry Christmas to you and your family

  6. I’ve communicated with spirits that first tried to friend me,gave me amazing facts.then it gave me horrid dreams I can still feel it around me sometimes. Even two years later and moving.please don’t trust what you’re talking to.please .I’ve even snapped pictures and gotten audio recordings of it.have video of it manifesting.scaring the life outta me.it feels like electricity under my skin when its around.


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