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What kind of meditation is it when you listen to a voice and they guide you through a place? Like they tell?

you to go through a garden or go on a beach and feel this and look at that? thank you very much!


  1. You are sort of vague on the ‘voice’, but if it is another person, or a recording, it is called a ‘guided meditation’. It is often used when you are first learning to meditate.

  2. Guided meditation, you could find your spirit animal in some of them, others is to find your special place.
    i love those =] they make me feel so much calmer and just better about myself.

  3. This is relaxation and visualization. Also called guided imagery. It can be a form of hypnosis. Technically it is not real meditation, IMO.

  4. Meditation is revealed as true Prayer or praying aright if correctly perceived. It can be guided by a tape , it can be accomplished by focusing on ones breathing, Contemplative meditation involves reading scriptures or spiritual books and contemplating the meanings, because those who think they can take a Bible scripture and know it’s full meaning in a couple of moments is way wrong….There a higher meaning to almost all scripture. Praying aright involves quieting the thought and ideas that run around our minds and separating ourselves from them. Scripture says it this way God is not in the whirlwind, so Considering that God is All Knowledge and there fore knows our needs before our human mind does.! We go silently into Prayer saying father I know not what my needs are, Speak to me for thy servant listens ! Quietly and patiently, then when he speaks it will be a communing with Him. The knowing will well up from deep within you.With the knowing comes a peace and quietness to your being.
    The kind of meditation you are referring to could be trying to help you find a quiet peaceful setting for you to relax your mind.There are many goofd books on prayer and meditation and my personal favorite is “The Art of Meditation” by Joel Goldsmith”, ….Skipper

  5. It is a mild form of hypnosis as a guided trance state. It is not real meditation even though many call it that. If the suggestions are gentle, peaceful relaxation it can be beneficial. If the guided “meditation” works to convince you that there is an enemy at your door, when there is not, then it is not so good. Either way, you must always give informed consent because you will have been manipulated by someone with a degree of skill in working upon on unguarded imagination and sometimes fears. There are some very dangerous guided “meditations.” Militancy of any form and on any side of the fence and for any so-called “Good” cause is one of them. Just stay informed.


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