What kind of meditation is best for those suffering from schizophrenia or related illnesses?

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Specifically, what is the best meditation to build neurons or reduce anxiety but WON’T make you too relaxed and want to go to sleep. Links would be great.
Sorry! I should have put stars around the word “Meditation”. I didn’t want anyone to think “medication”. Sorry about the confusion.

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Jeffrey Hill

Ask a neurologist that question. But my uneducated guess would be Depakote which is a popular medication that works like wonders

Cel Z

I would say guided meditation where a psychologist or instructor helps you attain the desired meditative state step-by-step. You could also start with a short-duration meditation like 5-minute or 8-minute meditation so that you can slowly work your way through reducing your anxiety levels. The advantage here is that you won’t go to sleep. You will be sufficiently awake to visualize the positive mind states.


I was going to say Zyprexa until I read the details. There’s a new medication called Latuda to ask or look up (sorry it’s 2:30 AM and don’t feel like posting links like I normally would.) I’ve been prescribed 5 different anti-psychotics and Latuda is the only one that hasn’t really made me want to sleep. My doc said he’s has three patients that have had great interactions with it. I quit taking it because it gave me a subtle weird feeling but increased my mood but don’t know if it was due to latuda or at-the-time social things going on.


i’d think an insight meditation practice would be better than a concentration meditation practice
maybe mahasati meditation because it is moving meditation with eyes open.
because you focus more on your body and can be less distracted by mental activities
if you like the practice then study the articles related to it.
the page below is complete. videos on how to practice and articles on the how and why.
it’s important to understand the how and why especially so you don’t misinterpret things when they happen.



Manavji Sahaj

Before we step into meditation first thing is go to sleep for 45-60 minutes and then wake and wash your face with cold water. Now you can take position and sit for meditation. See meditation is not about any action or thinking or anything. Meditation is all about non-action. Even sleep is one type of action as in sleep there are dreams which keeps your mind active. While meditation is more of no-thoughts called as thoughtlessness. So specifically to build neurons or reduce anxiety best way is to sleep first and then do meditation. You may refer how to do meditation in the below given link. I pray for you and I all my positive energies are with you 🙂


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