What kind of makeup should I wear with my witch costume?





I’m being a witch and my costumes very plain so I want to put on a lot of makeup. What kind of makeup should I put on? eyeliner? mascara? lipstick?


  1. i love make up
    first make ur eyeliner very dramatic (its halloween!! no1 will care)
    you could try a cat-eye look but avoid putting it on the inside of ur eye to give it a kind of sinister look and less cat-ish
    then add white eyeshadow under ur eyebrow
    then to match ur costume (or glitter) ur could put along the top of ur eyeliner towardd the inside of ur eye
    then u should have a black or dark purple (depending on ur costume) lipstick
    well thats my advice….. but u can do whatever u like

  2. you could just paint your whole face green, but if you want makeup, i say:
    EYELINER: Black. That would outline your eyes
    EYESHADOW: Green. It’s just pretty witchy!
    MASCARA: Also black
    LIPSTICK:Bright red. Just so it stands out!
    And don’t forget a mole!!!!
    Happy halloween, you Wiii-ATCH!! haha

  3. green eyeshadow, black winged eyeliner (only if you want to), black mascara, red lipstick. or you could try “smoky eyes” with black eye shadow instead of the green eyeshadow.

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