What kind of magick was practiced in the middle ages?

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There’s no K in magic.

Gary F

The same kind as in every other era – the fake kind.




Black magick was and is still being practiced by the higher up people in the Vatican. They are using this magick and power to try to enslave the earth and keep all knowledge, spiritual power and as much of the worlds wealth in the hands of the “chosen few” as possible.


Not the kind that we as pagans/Wiccans practise today. The rituals that are practised today were created by a man and have no real connection to the days of old.
Magic back then was anything that is unexplained. A lighter would have been magical to them, the ability to have instant fire kept safely in my pocket? Magic!! The difference is that now we have the ability to logically figure out how things work. Science has exploded and developed exponentially over the past few hundreds of years and there is very little out there now that is unknown in the same way as it was 100+ years ago.
Some secrets were just kept better back then. Shamans were doctors, but today the science behind the medicine is more widely known and is accepted. If you were to take any of the things we take for granted today and take it to the middle ages to show off to them it would be considered magical. Televisions, cars, computers, phones, it would be more than would be imaginable to them.
Anyways, I got off my point. If you are looking to practise similar types of “magic” that the old ones did, honoring the earth, working with herbs and living simply would, in my opinion, be a good starting place.
Just my opinion!!

Abomination of Desolation

Depends on locality, religion, and social status.
for example, and Catholic priest would likely have done something out of the Grimoire’s, like Honorius. While a poor turnip farmer may have played around with doll magick. In China it was the Taoist wizards doing their brand.
Also @ first answer- The diaries of John Dee [Queen Elizabeth’s court astrologer] use the K [As do some of the older manuscripts]. That’s one of the reason Crowley began using it to differentiate his version from the Golden Dawn; so yes, there can be a K in the word magic.


Well back in the days, the people were still linked to older traditions from pre Christian times. The average person would have no time or sense for practicing Magic(k) but surely would follow specific rituals out of being superstitious, religious etc. For specific things people would go to a “witch” asking for help. These people could be just men and woman having an expanded knowledge of herbs and their effects, of stars, reading signs in nature, etc. You also had the Alchemists who were experimenting with the text from the Emerald Tablet trying to find the philosophers stone. Kings would call upon Astronomers who at that time also were Astrologists (these sciences were not separated then). Also people would sacrifice things or animals in order to ease things with the spirits (the belief system even in Christianity was far different from our modern times Christianity).
Also what now is known as solomonic magic, working with the grimoires, was practiced (as I said, surely not by the peasants or “average” people). Although a lot of the grimoires we know these days are products of rather modern minds, a lot of them have a very far back going background. So basically all kinds of planetary magic, all kinds of banishing and protecting rituals, invoking and evoking spirits and other entities were performed. Also, more simple, peasants would call upon wind, water, spirits that were Christianised (following older traditions as I mentioned above) in order to have a good harvest, get rain, heal a cow…
Oh, and Magick,or Magic, why you bother how it is spelled since it surely does not answer the question….


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