Home Discussion Forum what kind of magick should i learn?

what kind of magick should i learn?

(if u don’t believe in magick then don’t bother posting on here) hi i was wondering if someone could tell me all the different kinda of magick (yes magick, not magic)


  1. Actually magic is magic. Magic with a k is just another spelling and often used to differentiate from illusionary stage magic.
    What you learn is up to you, what are you interested in? Candles? Necromancy? Do what calls to you. But please, study extensively first!

  2. 93,
    That’s a horridly vague question. It is like asking what kind of car is best.
    What are your goals? what are your beliefs? How much work can you put into it? Do you have any taboos you aren’t willing to break? What do you even consider to be Magick?
    Nobody on the planet could tell you all of the forms of Magick, especially because there is often a LOT of bleed through.
    93 93/93


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