what kind of magick doesn invlove demonic things?

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im a christian, but i want to learn some magick. are there any types of magick that doesnt involve using satans power or anything. i heard summoning was really bad, and raising the dead, well its obvious thats not the best hting to do. i dont really know what wiccans are, but i know they are pagan, which i dont think matches with christianity. so are there any magick i can learn? i mainly wanna work with elemental magick.

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No kind of magic. Sorry, but the closest you can get to anything like that is card tricks.


Very, very little of magick involves anything even remotely demonic.
Crash course in Wicca that won’t embarrass you for being human, try Wicca for Beginners by Thea Sabin. Avoid the For Dummies and Idiot’s Guides like the plague. They will make you feel unclean, retarded, or both.


Magic is the art of attempting to control nature &/or people by the use of spells, incantations, rituals etc. To be successful they require the cooperation of the demonic.There is no difference between black and white magic. All condemned by the Bible.

Saint Of Sorts

All magic is not of the devil and it is the magician and illusionists you may see today.if they are nothing more than entertainers, there is probably nothing wrong with being entertained by them. If, however, they are involved with the demonic forces to perform their acts, clearly this is something Christians must avoid. The difficulty is knowing which are occultic and which are not. In any case, wisdom and discernment are needed whenever dealing with any form of magic or illusion. And I have never heard of elemental magic..a definition would be great and I can give my opinion on whether it is of spiritualistic nature or not.
EDIT:One thing you must know is that many today do not know if their “powers” are even from demonic forces. They often claim they are gifted and many are blinded themselves.


stick to the card tricks, buddy…if you’ve got so much time on your hands that you need to work elemental magic, then you are not serving, sharing your faith or any of the many things that need to be done to help others!
get back to work – the harvest is huge but the workers few…


Most magick doesn’t involve demons at all. Magic is natural, so the elements are involved with them, and not demons.
I urge you to read up on the subject before trying anything. Research is important. Scott Cunningham wrote many good books on the subject.
Wiccans believe in a Goddess and God, both loving, natural beings, but that is their religion and has little to do with magick itself. Many spells might include addressing them, but you can just change it to “Heavenly Father” or whatever you’re comfortable with calling God.
Just remember that whatever you send out there comes back three times over. Send out love, it will come back. Send out negativity, it will come back. And never use magick to harm someone or interfere with their free will.


Well, christians came from Jews who were a mix of Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Thematic and some Alchemy. The Order of the Golden Dawn is supposed to practice the same thing Solomon was doing when he worshiped Baal. Try looking for “Ceremonial” magick. Most of it is stuff based on writings of Alister Crowely but he called himself a satanist when tea leaf reading and ouiji boards were fashonable in England.

~Heathen Daughter~

The kind that believes demons exist to begin with. Wiccan magic is all pretty earth and element based. Learn before you judge there cupcake.


Very little magick is satanic in general, but if you’re a Christian, anything you do that isn’t in the name of the Christian God is defined as satanic. Say you do a candle spell and it works, and Christian God wasn’t involved in said spell, So sayeth Christans, the power had to come from somewhere and it was SATAN. Christians believe that the only 2 forces are good and evil. God and his holy men are the epitome of good. Every other power is evil, i.e…satan. Whatever you call on to get your spell through, like the power of nature, is considered to be devil’s work, because you are only supposed to call on God and anything else, well, it’s satan using his wily ways to turn you.
Decide what you believe first, then decide if it’s okay to do magick.

The Inner Coven

Yes there is magick that doesn’t involve demons. Many wiccans and pagans; especially Buddhists will tell you that there are no such thing as evil or demons. Then there are those of us that believe that there is evil and understand the constant battle between the two forces. When you dip into the supernatural you must keep in mind what you feel to be right or wrong for even in paganism there are those that are misled to thinking that harming or controlling someone is the only way to get what you want.
True pagans believe that there are other alternatives of getting what you want, like directly from the source of all creation or just nature. Which is the true use of magic, using powerful influences to turn the tide to your favor. Say luck is a river flowing down hill, well you could allow it to trickle to where you are or you could use magic to increase the flow, damn it so it creates a lake or find a path to a bigger part of the river that will fulfill your needs. That’s the true use of it’s power.
Summoning is bad for beginners it would take years of training to do it in the first place, let alone well enough to know who or what you are summoning. Plus, summoning is bringing a spirit or being to the place you are at. While it is useful to gain the experience and knowledge of higher beings or of those that have passed on it is not necessary to go through the process of transporting them to your house when all you need to do is channel. Which would be the equivalent of giving them a phone call.
And bringing someone back from their time of rest is always a bad idea. Especially if you believe in reincarnation, bringing someone ‘back’ who you think is still ‘dead’ would bring up some horrible consequences. One theory is that a person who is reincarnated and gets ‘summoned’ or brought back from the dead would suffer a traumatizing stroke, heart attack or seizure. Due to the fact that they are no longer dead and have truly moved on.
Elemental magick is also a high class act that requires years of learning, study and requires an excellent teacher. (which by the way are hard to come by) Like summoning and channeling, you could cause tremendous damage if you don’t know what you are doing. Elementals are actual beings that dwell in the deep crevices of nature. One because humans have been lead to disbelieve so much that it’s literally toxic for them to be in the area of just one person who doesn’t believe. Second they feed and live off of the very element that they control & influence. Thus if you were to have an elemental in your house you would have to have a small amount of their home somewhere for them to survive. Which as you can see would pose a problem if you didn’t keep a candle burning 24/7 for a fire elemental. Plus what you used as a ‘nest’ would have to be extremely purified through both mechanical means and magical. Hence the years of study and practice just to know how to keep one alive and with you in your home, let alone to command it to do something for you.
With discipline, patience and diligence you can learn to do anything you wanted, as long as you believe. One thought of doubt can and will set you back months of training & learning. Finding a good teacher will cut your time significantly but you must be truly ready for that teacher to find you. Some will only help after you’ve put in a good 2-5 years of studying. And even then before you begin practicing you should know where you stand with your religion. Will you stay a christian and learn magic or will you look for something entirely new? Yes you can be a christian and still learn magic but know you add a whole new level of difficulty to your search since just about every christian believes that any kind of magic is evil. I have met a couple that will admit there is good magic and will practice it a bit but not to the extent of being any kind of teacher. You could be the first if you wanted, but know that the majority of your learning will be from witches and magi.


Wicca is a religion, so if you’re happy with Christianity, that’s not for you. However, many Wiccan sources on magic don’t really require a Wiccan religious view, so you might find those to be a good place to start. Most books on “witchcraft” have nothing to do with demons either. Try the New Age section of a large books store like Borders or Barnes and Noble.
Magic is not a trick. It comes from your will. So if you have no interest in working with demons, you’re not going accidentally end up working with one.
The only type of magic that I would consider demonic are those workings which use the names of demons: which you’re not going to find in most or all of the books in the New Age section.


The Magical Writings of Thomas Vaughan:
Greater Key of Solomon:
Ancient Christian Magic:
The Divine Synthesis and Realization of Magic by the Christian Revelation
While there are bans against specific magical acts in the Bible, these books all detail magic allowed to Christians.


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