What kind of magic did Anton LaVey & Aleister Crowley practice?

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Apparently, they both believed in ‘magick’ and spells. It is said that Aleister Crowley set a spell on his doctor before he died, and his doctor died within 24 hours of him. And Anton LaVey’s daughter says she is responsible for his death. That she put a spell on him a few months before he had a heart attack.
So, okay. They believed in magic? What kind? Like, Wiccans? Or are there other kinds?
Anyone know where I can read more about their beliefs? (Besides wikipedia)

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Anton Le vay was the leader and started the church of Satan See link:
Alister Crowley Was an English Occultist.
Both practised black magic.


Aleister Crowley was a satanist,he was believed to have officiated at a form of Black Mass an opposite to the Catholic communion.At the ‘sabats’ animal sacrifices were made and the blood drunk to parody the sacrement.The blasphemous ‘osculum infame’ (kiss of shame) was performed,and the ‘sabat’ was concluded with the coven participating in as many sexual acts as possible.Crowley as the ‘Master’ of the coven would observe but not participate.

many owls
Kirra Blackhart

Aleister founded the religion of Thelema and practised Ceremonial Magick. Anton founded the “Church of Satan” which is a philosophy, not a literal worshipping of Satan. .Aleister was not a Satanist, he was an Occultist – two different things, sadly there are some very narrow-minded idiots in this world who believe what they are told rather than doing their own research. Aleister was an incredibly talented, intelligent man who was portrayed as evil by the established churches because he would not cowtow to them.
Also, there is no such thing as black magic. The concept of “black equates to bad, white equates to good” is a racist, outdated concept that has no place in the modern world. There is only intent in Magick – Good or Bad.


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