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what kind of jobs can i do if i have a degree in parapsychology?

i am really interested in this subject but i want to study something that i will be able to find a good job related to that i just need to know what kind of job is available for this subject.


  1. There is no way that I would employ anyone who had wasted their time at university studying a pseudoscience. Take a useful degree and keep the fairy tales for a hobby.

  2. Not very much. No accredited universities offer a degree in parapsychology. When your degree is from an unaccredited school, it’s not too valuable. Parapsychology is also a fringe “science” or pseudoscience and you’re going to have a very hard time finding a job, let alone a career type position, where its actually used.
    You will be MUCH better off studying something real and useful at an accredited school (perhaps engineering, physics, or psychology?), getting a good job and leaving the ghost hunting for hobby time.

  3. I’m not aware or any accredited University that offers a degree in parapsychology. Actually, I’m not even aware of any unaccredited ones that do so.
    The closest would be to perhaps consider psychology. If you take the right subjects, it will help to explain why some people choose to believe in things without any evidence, even otherwise quite well-meaning, intelligent folk!
    The basis of any science (physics, botany, zoology, etc etc) is evidence – sadly, for all forms of parapsychology, this is lacking.

  4. You can be a ghost hunter or find a place on staff in some college that still allows that nonsense. Just keep in mind, you will spend the rest of your career involved in something that will never produce any useful information and every penny you earn will be the direct result of other people’s ignorance and gullibility.

  5. Well, I suspect most jobs that people with degrees in parapsychology have involve heavy use of the phrase, “for here or to go?”
    Actually, I don’t even think you can get a degree in parapsychology, at least from a US college.

  6. Parapsychologists are researchers who perform experiments to examine unexplained phenomenon. If you are a parapsychologist, you will be a researcher at a university, institute, or other organization. You will be trying to obtain grants to fund your research, just as other scientist do. I don’t know anybody working in parapsychology that is making a good living at it. Most researchers that I know are staying in the field because they enjoy the work and are interested in contributing to a new science.
    Nearly all of the parapsychologists in the world *do not* have a degree in parapsychology and may have backgrounds in almost any science you can think of (though a large number have degrees in psychology and physics). A number of schools offer degrees in psychology, anthropology, or other fields allowing you to do your work with a parapsychological concentration, often under the guidance of a parapsychologist affiliated/on the faculty of the university. Such schools include the University of Virginia, West Georgia College, Antioch University, Saybrook Institute, California Institute of Integral Studies, and the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire offers some focus on parapsychology within their undergraduate psychology programs, and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland has a great focus on parapsychology for grad students.
    If you want to get into the field of parapsychology, then go to a good, strong undergraduate university, whether there is a course on parapsychology or not. Get a background in psychology, anthropology, physics or some other social or physical science, but also make sure you take at least introductory level courses in other fields (especially psychology, physics and cultural anthropology) so you are familiar with concepts that might have a direct bearing on parapsychological research and investigation. Learn the ways of science (maybe a philosophy or history of science course). A course or two in statistics and psychological research methods couldn’t hurt, either.
    Study the sciences to develop a keen eye. If your interest in parapsychology is strong, you can always work in that field with a good background in science. Good luck!

  7. A degree in parapsycology could get you luxurous jobs like, Cashier at Walmart, Dishwasher, Janitorial, Army Recruit…
    the possibilities are endless….

  8. Pretty much none, but that’s ok because no colleges in the US offer parapsychology degrees anyway. No accredited colleges, that is. That’s because this isn’t considered an actual field of study – there has never been any evidence that the paranormal existed, and no parapsychologist has EVER been able to demonstrate any sort of an effect – basically, they’ve never been able to justify their field as a science. So no universities or actual research labs hire them.
    You could probably get a degree of the back of a cereal box and open your own ghost hunting business, but don’t expect anyone to take you seriously.

  9. Parapsychology?
    You may be surprised to learn that Professor Bender was a respected professor of parapsychology at the renowned university of Freiburg i.B., Germany.
    I could also imagine that you would have your private practice and help people with parapsychological questions and issues. Jesus was able to read thoughts, walk through walls after his resurrection, turn water into wine – which all could be interpreted as parapsychological phenomena, for which our presently strictly materialistic science has no explanation. The world, however, obviously contains more than what we can measure and weigh. Our instruments are just not yet refined enough to capture the finer fabrics of life and the universe.
    Here some interesting web sites, which may help you make a more informed decison:
    1) [PDF]
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
    not fortunate to get a full-time job in parapsychology, you can still make a contribution. on a part-time basis, mixing parapsychology with your other …
    http://www.spr.ac.uk/Education_in_Parapsychology.pdf – Similar pages
    2) getthatgig.com: Science & Space
    Many jobs are gained from getting recommended by another salesperson. … There are currently no accredited degree programs in parapsychology however UN Las …
    http://www.getthatgig.com/science_space/spa_profiler.html – 24k – Cached – Similar pages
    3) TRAIN AT HOME parapsychology, counseling, hypnotherapy, psychic …
    Parapsychology schools,Paranormal phenomenon, Paranormal activity … Need a job? Want a highly paid one at that? Would you prefer your job to be utterly …
    http://www.unifaculty.com/6610.html – 26k – Cached – Similar pages
    4) Institute of Transpersonal Psychology: About ITP: Employment
    … mind-body healing, somatic psychology, subtle energy, parapsychology, … Current Job Openings:. The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology invites …
    http://www.itp.edu/about/employment.cfm – 30k
    You may also think of studying similar but more common subjects such as psychology, in-depth psychology or transpersonal psychology, and then continue with parapsychology and integrate what you have learned.
    Much delightful success,
    cordially, India.Magica


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