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What kind of harm can an incubus inflict?

I’ve been reading about succubuses, but im wondering what an incubus can do…can he hurt you physically? please tell me in full detail if you can, and i would love to hear from people who have encountered, or summoned one..
i wouldnt even dream about summoning one, my question was clear…i think:Pi know all about ”sucking life out of you” but what i was getting at was..can an incubus….say hit you?


  1. Well, if they (succubi or incubi) were actually real, they would eventually drain you to the point of death by consuming all of your “vital life energies”.
    Note that in the original folklore and legends there was nothing sexy about the idea of a visitation by either of these demonic spirits (or spirit – in many of the tales they were the same being who could alter their sexual identity at will). It was seen as spiritual and sexual assault on a unconscious and unwilling victim.
    Also, it is highly unlikely that you will hear from anyone who has actually encountered one of these entities because they probably don’t exist. Anyone who claims so on this website is more than likely making it up for their own childish entertainment.
    Oh yeah, if you’d like to see a pretty scary movie about what could have been an incubus attack (that was supposedly based on actually events) check out the film The Entity (1981). It stars Barbara Hershey as a woman who is sexually attacked and tormented by an unseen entity. It’s a good, scary movie best watched late at night with the lights off.
    Additional Details:
    As far as an incubus smacking you around (or maybe biting or clawing)? Um, I don’t think so — at least not in traditional folklore I’ve read.
    Generally, as I’ve said, they assailed you while you were sleeping and/or in your dreams. It was an attack of a more subtle and insidious nature — not really a physical attack as such. Remember that in most traditional schools of thought on the subject – mythological, folklore and religious — demons with few exceptions are generally considered to be spirit in nature and not part of the physical world.
    But, if incubi were real and they could manifest physically, I suppose they could. And I’m sure it would be very possible that they would have the inclination to abuse you physically — they are suppose to be demons after all.
    In that film I mentioned, The Entity (1981), the unseen being that was attacking that woman was knocking her around pretty good.
    Below is a link to an interview with one of the real life woman’s sons (and he said that yes, the event was very real):

  2. Death is known, although usually they drain a person’s life force in small amounts and that in itself can kill a person but killing a human in one lot is possible apparantly….

  3. If there is any such thing as a psychic vampire the incubus (male counterpart of the succubus) fits the bill to a “T.” The incubus is a demon that comes to women in their dreams and slowly drains them of their life force causing them to age prematurally and eventually die. I don’t know why anyone would willingly summon one since there are easier ways to commit suicide!
    In reality summoning demons involves dark arts. Dabbling in summoning demons or dabbling in the dark arts is a mortal sin. Tis not worth it.

  4. On about.com there was this page with emails from people who’ve encountered incubus/succubus. All those people seemed deeply disturbed and terrified after the creature “used” their body.
    These demons may be sexual in nature but they are still demons – evil and merciless. Sex doesn’t always equal pleasure and with demons? It almost never does.

  5. well it can hurt. t burnt me a bit on my arm and leg cause i refuse to let him has his way wiz me i want 2 get rid of it but dont know how ?i am 13 plz someone can tell me

    • Get a priest to perform and excorcism and when you sleep at night pray and make a circle of salt around the bed it might be temporary but it still works


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