What kind of crystal should I use? (Crystal healing)?






I don’ think I need a crystal for any physical ailments, but mentally and spiritually, I want to learn to connect with myself and my dreams more and find my spiritual guide.
I know of a nice little spiritual shop, and they have a small collection of crystals, but I don’t know can’t tell whether I’m drawn to them or not. I’ve read about actually holding the crystal in my hand and feeling the vibrations, but I still can’t tell. Maybe I haven’t spent much time with them. Any other ways to tell whether you’re drawn to a crystal or if a crystal is drawn to you?
As for the actual crystal, I’m thinking of Aqua Aura. An Aqua Aura/Moonstone or Amethyst pendant would be nice. For quite a few years now, I’ve been attracted to Aqua Aura. I’ve seen pictures of it on the internet and read about it’s metaphysical properties and I knew I had to have one. However, I’ve read that you have to be cautious about picking a crystal over the internet.
Any advice?


  1. you’re into new age? get ready to be bombarded with hateful speech from the christians…they hate that…

  2. There are several schools of thought about buying crystals online. My personal philosophy is that when it’s your turn to be a stone’s keeper, it will come to you however it can.
    A few years ago I had a vivid dream about an aqua aura stone, and found it the very next day at a gem show.
    It takes time to learn how to feel the stones. I say go for it – worst case scenario, you get one that doesn’t quite click with you, and you’ve learned something from the experience.

  3. Aqua Aura is indeed an amazing stone. I have 3 personally. The fact you keep thinking about it and have been attracted to it for so long is a clue that it is meant for you. Even though you can’t see it and are not there to be able to feel it, it still could be calling to you.
    I bought 2 of my Aqua Auras from ebay and love them. I bought the other from a Psychic Fair they have in my city twice a year. If you go for a pendant and do want either an amethyst or moonstone to compliment it, I’d personally suggest an amethyst. Aqua Aura and Amethyst are both from the quartz family and excellent for dreams and spiritual guidence. They would work very well together and enhance each other’s metephysical properties.
    As for buying over the internet, I completely agree you have to be cautious. I just purchased from a website and am very happy with the pendants I received. (I bought a Ruby Aura and a Purple Siberian Quaztz.) Here is a direct link to their Aqua Aura page which also gives info on them and many of the other Auras. http://www.alienufoart.com/Aqua_Aura_Quartz_aqua_aura.htm
    You also had asked other ways you can tell if you are drawn to a crystal or if it is drawn to you asides feeling its vibrations. I have read that sometimes it is as easy as the one that really draws your attention. I personally have found this to be true. Use your intuition. Sometimes you can just tell when a crystal wants to come home with you. Like the Aqua Aura has been “calling” to you for some time now.
    Have fun choosing your crystal(s). There are so many out there. I know you’ll find one, or perhaps several, that you are meant to have and work with.

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