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What kind of barriers to spiritual awakening does the left side of the brain put forward, if any?

This question comes after watching the video of neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor from Harvard Department of Psychiatry, who was researching into severe mental illness.
She had a stroke and, as it was happening, she immediately experienced enlightenment.
This link tells more. But it is the video in the link that conveys the full extent of how exactly this took place, in her own words.
My sub-question is:
How does this help us understand what is required for awakening. Is it a process of mind-training our left brain in order for our right brain to be receptive? I really don’t know? Maybe you have some ideas?
All viewpoints appreciated.


  1. Interesting that it took brain damage to cause a formerly healthy brain imagine the imaginary.
    The supernatural is not real, so you have to either suffer brain damage or already have a sub-normal brain to conceive of “enlightenment.”

  2. First offf we are spirits living in these bodies..We are the enrgy force, the thoughts the love..The brain is more likely the antenna , that hooks us up to the flesh: it does not create the thoughts…Consider how accurate science man’s understanding of the brain really is.. THe psychiatrist and the brain surgeon discussing the subconscious..So there is a part of the brain that does not interact with the rest of the brain? It keeps it’s part of the thoughts hidden from the rest of the brain? Is that the top or the left side? I think the surgeon would respond ,” you idiot” Also studies have shown that when one side of the brain is damaged , then the other side starts to do the opeartions that have been damaged..Scince man doesn’t understand the brain , as he says he does

  3. Oh how very interesting! I am going to take a look and come back and edit this 🙂 I just studied strokes in one of my classes, and we learned how a stroke on the left side of the brain affects the personality different than a stroke on the right side of the brain. Perceptual differences are also apparent depending on which side of the brain the stroke occurred.
    Edit: Wow! Oh my goodness. That video was so powerful and beautiful. I especially like how this lady is going to be easier for some to accept her story as legit because of her deep connection to science/research. (some people require that before they will open their ears :))
    I don’t really have any answers to your questions…because I have the same questions 🙂
    I just have some comments. Jill stated that the left hemisphere of our brain gives us that “I am” feeling. That seems to contradict how Mooji talks about the “I am” presence. Maybe Jill is simply meaning the separation, small self “I am” while Mooji is talking about the right side of the brain/one with all that is/ “I am” everything?
    I particularly liked her description of how when her left side of the brain wasn’t working she began to not be able to differentiate her arm and the wall…….it was all just energy. That is so cool. It reminds me a lot of quantum physics and how the observer effect works on a molecular level. I can’t explain it myself, but I hope you know what I mean.
    At 9:20 she is talking about the beautiful space we all have access to in meditation. That brings up even more questions, like…when we are meditating are we slowing down our left side of the brain? Obviously we must be. It makes me think of the different brain waves, like theta, beta, delta etc. I think we can train our mind to, at our will, drop into a deeper state of consciousness. It isn’t going to be easy…it takes practice and just like any exercise it can wear you out at first.
    I wonder if she has been able to help her brother in any way after her beautiful experience.
    Thank you so much for posting this. I want to email it to my nursing teachers now 🙂
    Love you Sunny Girl 🙂
    Edit: One more thing I thought of. I hope this doesn’t indicate that people who suffer from a stroke on the right side of the brain are stuck in an overly critical state…i.e. without access to the higher vibrational states through that side of the brain.

  4. Great video! This is why I work with energy, energy being much more direct and in the moment knows and expresses love and passion in life.
    In some religions man/womankind has a problem that needs to be fixed (left brain consciousness), this is the Patriarchal consciousness that has ruled for well over 2000 years. Right brain consciousness is Matriarchal and is loving, passionate and energetic, everything is connected with every thing else thus is true oneness experienced by the individual, this is what we need now, what the world needs, she makes a very good point when she asks “what will we chose”. Thank you. *Blessed Be*

  5. I watched this video a while back and understood completely. Even though I didn’t have a stroke, this is what happened to me on October 10, 2005…and continued. She had an awakening in essence. Like her I experienced an incredible spiritual realm. There is peace, love and joy on the “other side”. I am thankful to have been able to have that experience. I have written many journals since 2005 on this phenomenon.
    I also witnessed this in a young man who fell off of my roof cleaning the exterior of my former home. He survived but had head trauma. He came to me and told me his experience of meeting God. He knew I would understand and I did.
    Truly, the left brain is the logical side which is where depression resides. When we fear or worry our left brain is the culprit which then leads to a huge barrier against the right hemisphere. Someone on here answered a question of mine not to long ago about a similar question. He had had damage to his right brain but was able to develop his creativity and spirituality. It is amazing how the creative and spiritual side will eventually become the dominant side as it is in children.
    What really helps to train the right side and put the brakes on the left is to paint, journal or do something creative. Imagination and daydreaming are all ways to begin to experience the creative side. Meditation, exercise, martial arts or anything beautiful to focus on. Positive affirmations and being open to the supernatural will train the right brain too or keep the left brain at bay.
    It isn’t real easy being dominant right brain because this society only believes what it can “see” with the two eyes. I am open to anything that may seem irrational in this society. If we all could open up our third eyes then the possibility to live in peace would be overwhelming.
    Peace, joy and endless flow of love to you all.


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