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What kind of activities could we do in a High school Wicca Club?

I would like to start a Wicca club at my high school as they have a Christianity club, but I don’t know what kind of activities and things we would do in the club to make it seem both fun and interesting. Does anybody have any ideas?


  1. answer: learn about the different pantheons of gods and goddesses. Learn about herbs and crystals. Try new incense recipes. Don’t bring Tarot or runes onto campus, someone will throw a fit.
    Make your own tools – a craft day for the Craft.

  2. You could do religous crafts like decorating personal tools, make a game using tarot cards or some other divination tool, or have a guided group meditation.

  3. Don’t. Please. Religion is a private matter, and should remain so. And Wiccans Wiccans are a secretive bunch as it is. Making a club will make them bullseyes for the Christians trying to convert them or treating them like crap.

  4. Witches/wiccan have been known as the “Hidden Children of the Goddess” for a reason. You might start a Love Your Mother Club and do things like collect cans, keep roads clean and trash free, environmentally focused things. I agree that you are making yourself a target but then the education has to start someplace. Good luck.

  5. I *really* agree with WhiteHouse Watching. I think you could REALLY be inviting more trouble and stress into your lives than you want.
    I admire your idea and conviction… but embracing persecuted religion *anyway* is it REALLY wise to go around with a target on your back?
    So, yes, consider slightly changing the wording of the group. Do the God and Goddesses work without opening them to ridiculed and YOU to danger. Ooo… and be sure to have a teacher-moderator too. If you’re gonna do it, do it legit. Best of luck to you guys!
    Blessed Be!

  6. The answer to a Christian club is a club that accepts all religions.
    As a Wiccan, I don’t think that the misbehavior of some Christians is a reason to sink to their level.

  7. I don’t think you should start a Wicca club solely because there’s a Christian club. Your goals in starting such a group should be to educate and provide a safe place for discussion of topics relating to the religion, not to piss off the Christians.
    In addition, I just don’t think it’s practical to form a group that focuses solely on Wicca. One reason is that I don’t think it will have many regular members. The pagan group at my university had only a handful of members and it was open to people of all religions. It wasn’t that people weren’t interested, but many people don’t want to “out” themselves and some simply have other obligations.
    Another reason is that it seems to project the same message of exclusivity as the Christian club. Even if people are interested in the religion, they may not feel welcome because they think the group is only for Wiccans.
    If you want to start a club that focuses on religious topics, I suggest you broaden the focus of it by discussing a variety of religions that aren’t discussed elsewhere on campus. Create a group where people of all faiths feel welcome to learn.

  8. One of the best things you can do are green activities. Protecting nature is a good way to honor Mother Earth. Depending upon your skills, you can do crafts and meditation. Study the Goddesses/Gods.
    I applaud you for doing this, because it is your generation that will bring neo-paganism out of the broom closet. But warn you that you are opening yourself to criticism and possibly retribution. Karma is a great and terrible master, and if you are doing this just to get attention, you may get more than you wished for.

  9. I both agree and disagree with others here that have said you may be inviting trouble. A few years ago the group I practice with had a very similar thing happen. A teenage daughter of one of our members wanted to start a club like you have stated. The school refused to let her. They sited many rules like having x many members, a teacher to moderate, and so on. After much trouble they finally let the young woman start her club but it was short lived as other students and even teachers made her a target for all sorts of things. The long and short of it is this, it will probably be a rough road if you decide to do this, but if it is something you feel strongly about I say go for it. I would suggest things like guided mediation’s, the study of herbs, incense, crystals, candle/candle color. At each sabbat go over what it means, what is celebrated, the history of it, maybe how people in the group celebrate. You could write your own rituals (though I would not suggest trying to do them on school property) Make your own tools, you can make your own besoms, or wands. There are plenty of websites that cold give you ideas. I wish you the best.

  10. you could learn different divination techniques. you can learn ethics of witchcraft. You can go over many different things. Like what the meanings and uses of some herbs are. Rituals, holidays… The list goes on…

  11. Good for you!
    Being both Wiccan and a school teacher, I think it is awesome what you want to do! I wish the Wiccan students at the school I teach at were so motivated! You will probably receive some attention good and bad for doing it, but only you can decide what is best for you…
    Back to your question…
    My suggestions are to balance fun with spirit. A school club should be fun or… what’s the point?
    1. Bad Witch Theater. Every month or so, at one of your meetings, show a movie that cliche or humorous in its depiction of the supernatural, especially witches. i.e. “little witches” and “wizard of oz” type of things… Its a great chance to laugh, boo, eat junk food.
    2. Meditation / Prayer circles. A chance to sit down together, hold hands, and share energy. Talk about what is going on in your life, listen to others, and learn to Hold Space for one another.
    3. God and Goddess of the month: Each month pic a God and Goddess to learn a bit about them. Take turns doing a bit of research, making a poster and sharing what you learned.
    4. Divination! Who doesn’t like learning more about tarot cards, runes, bones, and, if you really want to raise an eyebrow or two, bring in the infamous Ouija Board.
    5. Recycle drives. Want to dissipate some tension around the school? Set up a recycling program for each classroom. Plastic bins for bottles and cans, a box for ALL that paper your teachers are probably just tossing in the garbage…. Clean it up!
    6. Make a HUGE mess… then clean it up. Do something that makes a HUGE mess, such as a water balloon fight or shaving cream fight… then clean up everything afterward… You can have great fun, then leave the school cleaner than it started, which is a great way to get the administration appreciative of the fact you exist as a club…
    7. Parties for each Sabbat… of coarse!
    8. (This will irritate some uptights…) Have a Hexing contest. Members of the club cast “jinx” spells on each other, nothing harmful, just a bit of extra clumsy in your day… People learn how to cast, and how to better protect themselves… This was Wicca 101 until the last decade or so when everything became so… politically correct and Christianized in Wicca. Its harmless, fun, and puts you “in the trenches” of spell casting.
    9. Crafts are excellent. I would start with something inexpensive and easy, such as beaded jewelry. You can make prayer-bead style bracelets and necklaces. This also gives people a chance to make some cool gifts… Later you can expand this into making tools for ceremony etc, though that can be more expensive and not always appropriate to be done at school (hard to use fire, melt wax for candles or work with knives, lol).
    10. Hold ceremonies. Raise energy, worship the gods, and pray at the flag pole (if it isn’t already taken!). Worship the Gods, Celebrate the Moon and Sun, Live, Laugh, and Love.
    I would actually consider buying a book on youth group activities – there are a ton of them and easily converted to your Pagan desires!
    Be yourself, have fun, learn something in the process, be good to your school, great to your community, fearless, and ready to accept the very real possibility you will get a hard time for doing this.
    My best wishes to your success!

  12. If you do start a wicca club in your school don’t take tarot cards, runes, candles, or athame’s. someone will get upset and the teachers wont like it if you are carying daggers or lighting candles and incence in the school.

  13. I think you should do it 🙂
    Because its fun learning new religions and seeing how it works and all.
    I know a lot of christian families who have children that practice Witchcraft, and so long as your not doing anything illigal and have parental consent (and the educators consent as well) it should be fun 🙂
    Do something for the community as well (like recycling, fundraising for schools ect).
    as for the candles,Athame’s,and other supplies go have a teacher that trust you hold on to it.
    besides isnt a school suppose to be a ‘learning enviroment” anyways? 🙂 go for it.

  14. wish i had something to add to all of this but me and a friand of mine are trying to do the same thing for our college alot of whats on here should help me and him out alot. ty


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