What kind of accident caused my telepathy?

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Was it caused only by God and natural circumstances?
Or was it no accident at all?
Explanations, please.

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Explanation: You are a retard.

richard t

i dont need to actually type my answer because ive sent it to you telepathicly ooOOooOOooOo (trying to think an answer over to ya)


its caused by a mental disorder. Alot of times people who suffer from schizophrenia often times think they are a prophet or can tell the future. Sometimes other mental disorders will cause this delusion. The only gift you will recieve is the little pill that will hopefully make your realize your like everyone else and hopefully you will take your meds.


If it was from an accident you must have hit your head.
Causes of Delusions:
The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Delusions. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms.
* Drug intoxication – various drugs are a common cause of both delusions and paranoia symptoms.
o Marijuana intoxication – can cause delusions and paranoia.
o Speed intoxication – also causes delusions/paranoia.
* Psychotic disorders – delusion symptoms are a hallmark of a psychotic disorder, such as:
o Schizophrenia
o Schizotypal personality disorder
o Schizoid personality disorder
o Psychotic episode
o Brief psychotic disorder
o Postpartum psychosis
* Depressive disorders – severe cases can lead to delusions arising in the negative frame of mind:
o Depression
o Major depressive episode
o Major depressive disorder (type of Depressive disorders)
o Bipolar disorder – may have delusion symptoms in both the up and down phases.
* Dementia
* Other symptoms or conditions that may need to be considered or may be mistaken as delusions include:
o Paranoia – paranoia is a type of delusion symptom (a “persecutory delusion” that someone will harm you either physically or mentally).
o Panic attack – onset of unreasoning fear type symptoms is similar to delusions and/or paranoia.
o Social phobia – excessive concern about other people “watching” or “judging” is similar to a mild paranoid delusion.
o Detachment
* See also causes of hallucinations or causes of paranoia
* Delirium
* Schizophrenia
* Mania
* Paranoid illnesses
* Alcohol abuse
* Cocaine abuse
* Cannabis abuse
* Alzheimer’s type dementia
* Multi-infarct dementia
* Huntington’s chorea
* Temporal lobe epilepsy (type of Epilepsy)
* Hyperthyroidism
* Hypothyroidism
* Encephalopathies
* Head injury
* Neurosyphilis
* Cerebral abscess
* Multiple sclerosis

Jay S

You are an accident from god. He wanted to abort.


You have no telepathy.
These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.
You can go about your business.
Move along…


Sounds to me like your having a psychotic episode, I once thought my teddy bear was talking to me telling me to hurt myself…. but I was going through an abusive relationship at the time, and having a nervous breakdown.
This is a sign something is wrong with you, you cant actually hear what people are thinking etc. can you. I mean do they tell you when you ask that your right? If so they are messing with you too.
go to the doctor.


Telepathy is being able to tune into the frequency of thoughts of others. We are all made from energy. Energy has different frequencies and vibrations. We are all connected because of this energy connection. Therefore if your mind is clear, you’re be able to tap into the energy of another.
As to what kind of accident causes this. We all have this ability, only differ in sensitivity. We can increase our ability through Meditation which purifies the mind and through the activation of our DNA.


These people dont understand, come back to polls and surveys ha!

Mister E

don’t listen to a lot of these jerks! i believe in telepathy and i also have some possible explanations for how this works it is called brain wave synchronization (of two deferent brains),and it is often referred to as clairvoyant perception, energy of a particular nature attracts energy of a similar or corresponding nature,and all objects and physical matter continuously emits light / energy of one wavelength or another this radiation of light / energy is usually outside of what people can see it is called black body radiation because it refers to the light / energy that is emitted by an ideal object that is a perfect absorber and it is a perfect emitter of that particular form of radiation it is these wavelengths of light / energy that are the basis for telepathic communication, people with telepathy need to be grounded, i am note sure what approach to take towards grounding though, maybe try EFA dietary supplements from a company called American Longevity, phone#1-800-982-3189 2400 Boswell Road, chula vista, California 91914 also try some of there mineral supplements and also use L-glutamine, learn about health this is a good first step. You can find out a lot of good information about telepathy by listening to a talk radio program called coast to coast am http://www.coasttocoastam.com be warned though it is a show about the paranormal and there is some weird stuff thy talk about and lastly you can take a look at these 2 websites thy will give you a better understanding of brain wave synchronization #1 http://www.biocybernaut.com/ and #2 http://www.centerpointe.com/


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