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What is a spiritual awakening and how do i get it to happen to me?


  1. its a bad thing, dont get it to happen to you,you open the gates of spirits and if you have troubles of closing it its really bad as it can haunt you and murder you, just dont do it ok?

  2. Hello
    A spiritual awakening is like enlightenment, you cannot force it, it happens.
    Your spiritual self decides that it wishes to be heard so that you can evolve & you have no control over when or if it will happen.

  3. Hi
    Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment is the primary goal of almost all spiritual practices, traditions and religions and for any spiritual seeker. There are many names for this awakened state of Consciousness depending on what culture and tradition we belong to.
    This page will be continuously updated with information and personal experiences about Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment.

  4. Its when a spirit is disturbed from their “sleep” by possibly construction or a new member of the family. And truuuust me. You don’t want one.


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